Hey You!

I see you standing over there, eyeing out the free weight section with a terrified look on your face.  I see you cautiously looking around the busy gym, watching what other people are doing. Your staring doesn’t offend them, because you are learning from them without even realizing it.

I have seen you looking down in despair at your budget, Mr. P trainers that really aren’t for gym training.  It doesn’t matter though, because look at you go on that treadmill.  I know that your priorities aren’t on top-of-the-line trainers that will illuminate your wardrobe with a neon shine.  You are a mom, and you have other things that you need to spend thousands on!

I have seen you pacing the circuit section with weary caution.  Those machines are intimidating, and even I won’t muster the courage to use the inverted ab chair thingy without signing for life insurance first.  But look at how your power through those bicep curls like you’re a pro!  That strength comes from carrying babies, countless grocery bags (because who takes two trips anyway?) and playing games with your children.

I know you’re probably exhausted after your long day of work, but you still manage to make your family a great dinner that doesn’t compromise your healthier diet.  Preparation is difficult to do when you have a family to cook for, and you’re doing an awesome job of staying on track with your diet plan!  I know you would kill for a piece of cheesecake right now, but hold on – cheat day is coming!


I see you squeezing your love handles with disgust.  But have you seen how incredible your legs are looking lately?  Your butt looks insane in those jeans that you couldn’t even zip up last month!  Stop hating your stretch mark littered stomach for being so flabby!  Have you forgotten already that your stomach housed and protected a little life for 9-months?  But have you noticed how much smaller it has become and that your waist is actually really tiny?  It’s getting smaller, and soon it will be rippling with definition, just keep pushing through until you get them!

I know how many people have snickered about how this isn’t going to last, that this is just a passing fad.  But you’re actually so far into this lifestyle already, why turn back now? You have come so far, you don’t need to listen to the negativity of those who still haven’t gotten off the couch yet!

I know you skipped gym this morning, and who could blame you?  I don’t know how you manage to get everything done in a day!  You know what, those lunges and squats that you did in the lounge is working wonders on your butt, and your kid loved playing gym with you!

I know your struggles, because they are my struggles too.  I know you, because I look at you in the mirror every morning!  You are beautiful and powerful and you are kicking ass!  I am so proud of you because of how dedicated you are to this journey!  I am so proud of you for sticking with it, whether you want to or not!  Celebrate each day, because each new day on this journey, is an obstacle that you have the power to overcome.

Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “Hey You!”

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Tracey! I am glad that it gave you a little nudge to carry on!


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