You will fail, and that is alright!

Frank Sinatra said: Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.  What is amazing is how true that will be throughout any journey that you embark on at any point of your life.  This is a reality that we all face on a regular basis, failing.  I have come to embrace my failures (after having a pity party about them for a while first), because they serve a purpose for me – my failures become my life lessons.  Now, you might be wondering what kind of trippy gook I am slipping into my coffee right now, but it is true.  Every time you fail, you have an opportunity to learn about why it doesn’t work and how you can do it differently.  Remember how you were taught to learn from your mistakes?  Well, the same thing applies here.

We’re in the process of another cross-country move.  It is incredibly stressful because not only am I still trying to run my mini empire, be a mom, pack up a house, train my butt off, figure life out, eat right, and not curl up into a puddle of wine infused chocolate stains, BUT, I am doing it while my other half is 1300kms away.  It’s tough on a girl.  So, for the past two days, I have been eating everything that I shouldn’t be eating (because of convenience) and not drinking nearly enough water.  Sure, I have been active, but no amount of exercise is going to fix a terrible diet.  Yes, so two days out of 3 months isn’t that bad, but to me that feels like failure.

This got me thinking, I can either wallow in self-pity about my shoddy eating habits, or grow from it – and I don’t just mean my waist line.  If I have learnt anything from my weight loss journey, it is that you have to keep moving forward, no matter how badly you want to stay put.  So many people fall a few times and feel like they aren’t worth fighting for or just don’t care enough about themselves to keep pushing.  You all really need to stop that ish!


That’s the thing though, you are going to fall!  You are going to nose dive off of the wagon and watch it bump over you as it goes by.  You are allowed to, because you are human.  What makes the difference is whether or not you stay there.  You are strong enough to lift yourself up and climb back on that wagon, even if you have to chase it down again.  You are such a bad ass that you are capable of rising above all of the lows that you are guaranteed to face along the way.  You just need to believe in yourself enough, and love yourself enough to do it.

So I’ve eaten crap this weekend, and it has totally thrown me off my path, but I can’t dwell here.  I need to move forward because I sure as hell can’t change the past!  And you can too!  Tomorrow, I will get up and do meal prep properly so that I don’t slip up again.  I am also going to throw an extra day of cardio in just to make myself feel better about my food faux pas.  I now know that I should have been better prepared for packing up house, and in more ways than just having enough box tape – which reminds me, I need to get more.


Let your rise be what defines your journey, not how often you fall along the way!


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