It’s Monday!

I see it on my newsfeed all the time.  People posting about how they’re so amped to start their new lifestyle/diet/weight loss mission on Monday.  Well guys, that day has arrived and it’s time for you to start your new journey. The thing that I have against Monday beginners isn’t that they’re earmarking a specific day to start, but because that particular Monday will never come for them.  I know, I was a Monday starter too.  That is why what I am going to tell you might just destroy conventional thinking as far as Monday starting goes – wait!

Yes, you read that right, don’t start today.  Well no, that’s not entirely what you should do, but don’t use today as the day that you are now going to start your new diet plan.  Before you go crazy because I am talking crazy, think about it for a minute.  What did you do yesterday?  Did you binge to make up for the x amount of days that you won’t be eating anything and everything you want?  Did you spend the day on the couch with your family, happily munching on all the bad snacks that you simply have to get rid of before you start?  What about your activity levels?  Do you have proper shoes to wear to gym/Zumba Class/jogging?

Now, ask yourself – are you ready to start your journey today?

Sheldon No
That’s Okay!

Here is the thing though, you haven’t prepared yourself nearly enough to start this journey right off the bat (if you have, disregard this post entirely).  So, you’ve decided to start on Monday, that’s exactly what you should do.  Start by preparing for your journey!

Meal Prep Monday!

This has its own hashtag for a reason.  Use today to get all of your meals, snacks and everything in between ready for the week ahead.  Yes, the WHOLE week.  You don’t have to pre make your breakfast, but making sure that your lunches and snacks are done before work, makes your life so much easier!  Prepare by making sure you have all the Tupperware you need, food to prepare and a cute bag to carry it all in during the week.  Here is a great article to kick-start your meal prep inspiration.

Have fun with it!
Have fun with it!

Fitness Admin Done?

So you know that you want to start this journey, but have you done your fitness admin yet?  Yes, fitness can have admin too!  Signing up for the gym, signing up for those Zumba classes, joining a running club, etc.  Use your Monday to do gym tours, ask questions and get comfortable with the idea of sweating in front of perfect strangers on a daily basis (they don’t care that you do, by the way).


Be Prepared

Do you have clothes that you can wear to the gym?  Do you have a sweat towel?  A water bottle?  An idea of what to expect?  I didn’t either when I started my journey.  So, start off by investing in the above.  Mr. Price Sport has a lot of great clothes for the gym that are functional and super cute too (because that is important too), and the internet is bursting with great work out ideas.  Check those out here, here and here.

This happened to me yesterday.
This happened to me yesterday.

Don’t break your promise!

You have promised yourself that you are going to do something today that will make a difference in your life.  You want it badly enough, don’t break the promises that you keep making to yourself.  Start today by planning how you will grab the bull by the horns and make a success out of this Monday Start! 


As always, I love it when you interact with me! Leave me comments below, like if you do and share with friends who need a little push!


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