Quitting is not an Option

Something awesome happened to me recently.  I entered a Body Transformation Challenge close on 3 months ago.  I was given 8 weeks to transform my life and my body for the better, with a whole heap of resources that I would need to do that.  Well, I did and placed second!  Second!  That means that out of countless people on the same mission as me, I was the second best transformation that they saw.  That’s a big deal! I bravely stood up and decided that I would form a little team of super stars for the Summer Edition of the Ultimate You Body Transformation Challenge.  Enter that here.

So, I now have a group of women who also want to change their lives for the better, which is an awful lot of pressure on me to help them succeed.  If you are a regular on this blog, you will know that I moved across country within the last two months, started a new job and, and, and.  The cherry on the cake was that I injured my shoulder 3 weeks ago and couldn’t gym, then got a nasty case of the flu a week later and finally, last week had my foot very, VERY badly injured by a falling 9 year old.  TO say that it’s been a rough go is an understatement.  But, this isn’t a sob post, this is how you can rise again!

8 Weeks worth of commitment
8 Weeks worth of commitment

Any journey that you commit to needs to have just that, commitment.  It doesn’t matter how motivated you think that you are, or how good your support structure is, being committed to the process is vital for success.  That’s what I have learnt throughout my journey to a healthier me.  It doesn’t matter what I say I am going to do, it’s the doing bit that matters.  Over the past month, I have slacked off with my training and eating plan in a terrible way.  Not because I was lazy or not interested anymore, but because my circumstances hindered my journey.  The reason why they did was because I let them.

I let that extra kg creep back onto my hips (which isn’t too bad considering I had a month off), I let my foot dictate my inability to train – which is ridiculous because my arms and core were fine.  I let every “legitimate” excuse that I had take control of my journey.  How stupid is that?  I’m not saying that you should train with a serious injury or bad bout of the flu, but that shouldn’t have let my eating habits get so bad.  Nevertheless, I gave myself a stern talking to about being consistent with my commitment to this journey, and now I am going to tell you.

Excuses have a nasty habit of turning into a good reason why you should just quit.  Giving up on what you really, really want to achieve is made so simple when you feel overwhelmed by so many obstacles.  But, climbing over those obstacles counts as cardio, and there is nothing on earth that you can’t do – unless you tell yourself that you can’t do them.  So, my long winded message to you today is simple, stop telling yourself that you can’t.  Don’t hold onto those excuses as a reason why you shouldn’t follow through.  Quitting is not an option!


Sometimes when you feel that everything is just too much work, take a step back and think about why you chose this path to begin with.  What motivated your decision to change?  What was your reason for deciding to do something about your health?  Do you want to go back to the old you?  You have come so far by just making the decision, don’t go back now and break the promise that you made to yourself to do something epic.

As always, I love it when you interact with me.  Leave your thoughts below, like this if you do and pass it along if you know someone who needs it!


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