The Supplement Debate for Beginners

Before we go any further, you need to know that I am not a nutritionist, supplement expert or someone else who would know a whole lot about this stuff.  What I can comment on is what I have learned through trial and error, and what people in the know have taught me.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I started my journey, I too wanted a quick fix.  I wanted that secret, magic pill that was going to dissolve fat off of my butt while I slept.  I wanted the miracle cure that allowed me to drop countless kgs without doing a darn thing.  I wanted something that doesn’t exist!

I took a magic seed that guaranteed weight loss with no effort at all for almost a year.  Here is the thing though about what happened to me while on those seeds, I lost the weight, felt awesome and destroyed my kidneys.  I couldn’t understand why I constantly had kidney problems and infections, but I was thinner so who cares about something as silly as functioning kidneys, right?  I then decided to stop taking the seeds for a while once I had reached my goal weight, because why carry on taking something that you no longer need?  I managed to lose 18kgs worth of my ass doing absolutely nothing at all.  How magical! I then ballooned back to my starting weight quicker than it took for those seeds to help me lose the weight.  So, I was back at square one, with low self-esteem, buggered kidneys and all 18.5kgs back again.

I then picked my tubby self back up and started over.  I felt this ridiculous need to invest in something that would do the work for me, so I went and searched for a fat burner that would fry my tubbiness.  Dischem has no shortage of fat burners that are all wonderful on paper, so I bought myself a bottle of Evox and hoped for the best.  It was also around this time that I started going to gym on the reg.  I had also actually stopped eating crap and increased my water intake to a glass or so a day.  I was feeling supremely proud of myself and thought that I was losing everything overnight again.  The scale didn’t agree with me though.  For ever 2kgs lost, I gained 1 back within the week.  I couldn’t figure this whole weight loss thing out, and I was pretty sure that supplements were actually just a crock of bullocks.

It wasn’t until I invested in an amazing personal trainer instead of quick fixes that I learned about why supplements aren’t necessary for beginners. Paul Kelly made me do it all on my own before finally relenting and allowing me to get a fat burner. He could have given me stacks of everything under the sun because I asked him to, but he didn’t and I trusted him enough not to either.  And I am so glad that I listened to him!

It doesn’t matter how much you spend, which brand you go for or how often you take them, your body needs to learn how to do the work for you first!  If your metabolism isn’t accustomed to working, how do you expect a fat burner to do what it is meant to?  Taking supplements shouldn’t be a priority for anyone trying to lose weight, simply because your body is capable of doing all of the work without it – you just have to push through.  I have only now started supplementing my journey with multi vitamins, Ripped Freak and CLA1000 (which gives me horrendous heartburn if I get anything but Biogen).  Why?  Because I am 3kgs from my goal weight and my goals have changed from weight loss to fat % loss.

So, if you’re looking at the supplement section with longing looks but have just started your journey… move away sunshine.  You don’t need any of that just yet.  I was taught that when you are 5kgs or less away from your goal weight, then you can start supplementing your journey.  That’s when I started taking a meal replacement shake after gym, but still prefer a good ol’ banana after training anyway.

Side Note:  This is based on personal thoughts and feelings regarding what I have been taught regarding supplementing.  If YOUR trainer has said otherwise, that’s probably because they know what they are talking about! 

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