Be THAT Girl

We absolutely LOVE putting labels on everyone, don’t we?  It is really tough having to live up to the label that someone else has plastered you with, and heaven help you if you start moving away from that particular label.  You become THAT girl.  We aren’t supposed to leave the comfort of the boxes we are placed into, but you most definitely should! 

We all go through changes in our lives.  We grow, change and find new paths to take along this exciting journey that is our lives.  We can’t stand still all the time!
I was quite seriously involved within the Pin Up scene for a while (still am), mainly because I really do like to motivate and uplift other women.  It is something that I find comes quite naturally for me, and it’s important for me to help others in any small way that I can.  I am a huge advocate of self-love and finding your inner goddess, whether with Pin Up or fitness.  Now that I am moving more toward fitness than ever, I find myself becoming more easily ridiculed for doing exactly what I did as a full blown Pin Up.  Because I have now moved away from the mysterious subculture and stepped into a new label… I am the fitness girl.
I have had people cheering me on, and sending me messages urging me to be careful with my journey, not to become a slave to supplements.  I have been unfriended because I post about fitness too often, and I have been called out for changing my mindset to something by far healthier than ever before.  I have been told that I am too serious about fitness, and too obsessed with this “health stuff”.  And I agree with them wholeheartedly!
I am ridiculously serious about my health, and beyond obsessed about leading a healthy life. Because I am that girl who had low self-esteem and constant sickness brought on by my weight.  I am that girl who found something that I fell in love with, and that I want to inspire others to do as well.  I am that girl who still wants to motivate others to love themselves, but this time in a healthy way.
Be that girl.  Let them talk about how obsessed you are.  How ridiculous it is that you spend so much time in a gym/running/swimming/being healthy.  If it wasn’t for THAT girl, there wouldn’t be anyone to look up to!
May your week be filled with good carbs and sweat!

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