The Importance of a Cheat Meal

Finally, I have gotten around to writing this post.  I haven’t had a cigarette in three days, I am nauseous, I have a headache and I am so irritable that I could rip the screen off of my laptop if it looked at me funny.  So, bear with me here.

Ironically, I can’t stomach the thought of putting anything in my stomach right now.  One of the weird side-effects that I am experiencing while kicking the habit is that I am so nauseous that I couldn’t prepare dinner, let alone eat it.  That isn’t the point of this post though.  When a person starts a new “diet” or eating plan, they often dive in head first.  They are so committed and dedicated to doing everything totally right that they will fight against a cheat meal.  Here is why that is a bad idea.

Much like quitting a habit – such as smoking – giving up bad eating habits cold turkey is a challenge of mammoth proportions.  Trust me on this one, I am experiencing this challenge first hand.


So, what is the point of having a cheat meal?  Well, for one thing it is important to kick start a depressed metabolism.  So that plateau you find yourself in, that doesn’t seem to break regardless of how many salads you eat?  Instead of being despondent and giving up entirely, just have ONE and only ONE cheat meal.  A cheat meal should be scheduled, calculated and something that you can look forward to.  A meal that is carb rich and full of energy, but also one that you are going to utilize properly in the gym afterward.

I have my cheat meal on a Friday evening, so that I have Saturday to blast all of it away with cardio.  It is also advised that you have your cheat meal after a training session and NOT on a rest day.  And you definitely don’t need to schedule a cheat meal too early into your new diet plan.


Idealy, a cheat meal is something that you start incorporating into your weekly eating plan, after a good few kgs down. Don’t use it as an excuse to fall off of the wagon just as soon as you climb onto it!  So, there you have it.  Cheat meals in a nutshell as discovered by trial and error while on my journey.

Remember to listen to your trainer, coach or nutritionist when it comes to dietary plans and goals.  This journey takes more work in the kitchen than in a gym, so remember to keep it clean 90% of the time!

May your week be filled with good carbs and sweat!


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