Stupid things people say to Fit Girls

I am late with this post! I wanted to post it last week already, but that turned into an “I’ll do it tomorrow” post, which now became almost a week later.  I keep trying to post regularly, but I’ve found that writing about what I want to write about is a bit challenging.  I’m a writer, which means that I spend a lot of time writing what clients are paying me to write.  I’m not complaining, because I love my job! But, it does limit the me time for my posts. 

This post is going to be a two parter, simply because as a Fit Pin Up Girl, I have heard some doozies when it comes to my passion and appearance.  I encourage everyone to add to this list as well, and to realize before we get started that this is a satire post.  So, don’t get all knickers in a twist about anything you read in here, rather just have a chuckle about it! Okay?  Great! Then let us begin!

Aren’t you scared that you look like a man?

This is the first and favourite comment from anyone who isn’t aware that weight training doesn’t turn you into a roid taking guy.  Seriously though, women who do weight training build a natural and acceptable amount of muscle, while burning fat in the process.  This means that we get to slim down, tone up and look amazing come bikini season.  Stop saying that to girls in the free weight section, it’s lame.


Sheesh, haven’t you just eaten though?

Shush! Just shut up with those negative thoughts.  Girls who lift eat a lot because we have awesome bodies to fuel. That is all.  Every meal we eat is calculated and planned, because we need to make sure we’re putting the right food in our bodies.  We aren’t guzzling take away meals and carbs on the reg, so leave us to our fish and broccoli meals!


You’re a bit obsessed with this fitness stuff aren’t you?

Well spotted, because being obsessive about leading a healthy life is such an awful thing to do.  I’ll keep my enthusiasm for being active in check! Before I was obsessed with fitness and health, I was a chain smoking couch potato.  Deciding to be fit and healthy saved my life, so let me obsess!


Your fitness posts are getting a bit much on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter…

Pffft! So are the countless posts that you share about your cats/dogs/cars/tattoos/drunken ragers/David Wolfe quotes/kids.  (Kidding! I share a lot of pictures of my kid too!)

If I have the password to the platform you are complaining about, chances are that I set it up.  That means I can post whatever I want to on it.  Simple as that. Which reminds me, don’t log out of anything – I’ve forgotten my password!

Queen Bey says NO!
Queen Bey says NO!

Don’t you own long pants anymore?

Quads.  I chose quads.


Want a piece of cake?

How could you be so cruel?


Remember kids, this was meant in jest.  If you want to add to this list, do so in the comments section.  Pass it along to girls who could use a chuckle.


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Gym Memes

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