Pin-up Pageants and Sisterhood

I have been a very bad girl.  No, not in a sassy kind of way, just plain bad.  I’ll explain myself in a minute, so get ready to bring out your best urgh face and continue reading…

13909857I have been a little bit disconnected from my fellow pin-up sisters, and as a result, wanted to silently slip out of the kulture and into obscurity.  Unfortunately for me, I am a bit of a showman and really, really love the style.  That has made me reluctant to slip into the world of “normal people”.  Thank goodness!

By the way, this disconnection has nothing to do with any of them, but largely my inability to deal with self-esteem issues.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll see that I have dealt with them – my insecurities, not my fellow pin ups (I’m not THAT into the Sopranos).  I am dealing with the things that give me anxiety by tackling them head on, like entering a Psychobilly/Pin-up Pageant.  Which is exactly what I did, and here is how that went.

The Queen of the Concrete Jungle was hosted during the Hellraisers Hootenanny, held at Rumours Lounge in Weltevredenpark on the  5th of December.  I entered not knowing what to expect, and not having a lick of experience on a stage before this.  I am prone to the dramatic, but that doesn’t mean that I can do it with finesse.  Nevertheless, there I was, massive bag full of makeup, hairspray and back up outfits ready.  I was a ball of nervous energy who really, REALLY wanted a drink – I couldn’t, I was day 4 into a detox.


I made my way through the venue that was littered with a handful of patrons and a pit in my stomach the size of a small country.  Nervous doesn’t adequately describe how I felt, I was out of my comfort zone entirely.  Being in front of a camera is easier than being in front of a crowd.  Finding my fellow pageant participants backstage, I put on a brave face and found a place to dump my stuff.  It was now or never and there was no way I could chicken out now.

Here is the thing though, within a few minutes I felt completely chilled out, and it was thanks to my pin-up sisters.  I wasn’t always one for the whole sisterhood thing, because I thought it was a bit of a facade.  Women aren’t very nice to each other, which is probably why I avoid them and have more guy friends.  Less drama. Zero underhanded bitchiness. Much better.  My theory was destroyed by the gorgeous, strong women that I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday with.

Seriously. Look at these Hotties!

From Miss Ruby Rouge lending me her parasol to shield my fair skin from the intense heat during our shoot.  To the gorgeous Miss Hart coaching the ladies on posing for the camera.  It became like a group of old friends having a fun afternoon together, despite that we should have all been clawing each other’s eyes out for the title.   It reminded me why I love being a Pin-Up as much as I do.  Not just a Halloween pin-up, but a full-blown, daily pin-up girl dressed to kill and stand out – it is because of the sisterhood.  The sisterhood that I have been missing out on because of my own stupidity.

The pageant was so much fun to be a part of, and for someone afraid of people, I was crowned Miss Congeniality (I know, right!?)! I was dressed to kill in Pinn’d Up Clothing and felt like a vixen, and finally debuted my blonde hair. The highlight of the day for me wasn’t winning anything though, it was being able to get to know these remarkable women.  From a school teacher to burlesque performers, these women are diverse, bold and beautiful inside and out.

I also totally fangirled to death when I got to hang out with The Blue Haired Betty for a minute.


The crown went to the gorgeous Miss Hart, and unsurprisingly as well – she is a knockout! First Princess went to Miss Ruby Rouge, the absolute sweetest stunner I have the pleasure of knowing.  Burlesque breathtaker, Meme Le Meow claimed the Duchess title while drummer girl Kelsexy walked away with Miss Psychobilly.  New comer to the scene, Miss Lily wowed the judges with the sassiness that gave her the title of Miss Sassy for 2015.  Have a drool over each of them below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am very proud to have shared a stage with these gorgeous women, and hell, I’ll enter again next year as well!

Thank you to the organizers for putting on a stellar show, let’s do that again!

If you were there, let us know!


Photography credits to:

Kitty Bee Photography

Bo-Tie Photography

Thanks to:

Pinn’d Up Clothing

La Foxy Bonnet

Coco California

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