Gift Guide

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where every blogger on the face of the earth is preparing their Christmas season wish list.  I shouldn’t be too harsh, these guides are ideal for decoding what to get those nearest and dearest to you.  Heaven knows that I use guides like this on the reg too for my boys and their unique needs.  Are fitness obsessed pin up girls a common thing though?  Fit girls are, and we generally like similar things.  If you’re hunting for your lifting honey, keep reading – we might have something you like!

1. Trainers

You may or may not know this, but no two shoe brands are alike.  There are also various types of shoes for specific exercises, like the good ol’ running shoe through to CrossFit specific kicks.  Do some hunting to get her shoe size and found a pair that will blow her mind.  Do some online hunting for great bargains here.

Nike Leopard Print AirMax

2. Music

As a fit girl, the one thing that drives me absolutely insane are the occasional brah’s who insist on chatting.  Don’t get me wrong, if the advice is helpful, let’s chat like old besties – if not, let’s avoid the awkward eye roll.  A good way to do this is with a great pair of earphones to drown out the sounds of weights dropping and boets grunting.   Get a pair here.  Make it extra special by creating a special play list for your beau to enjoy while she works out.

Skullcandy UpRock Polkadot Earphones

3. Freddy Jeans

Girls who lift have squat bums that they want to show off (you do too, and we know it), but normal jeans just won’t do that.  Freddy seems to have been designed for girls with quads and iddy biddy waists, so we get to show them off!  Spoil her with a pair by shopping here.  Better yet, get her two pairs and throw in a skirt too!

WR.UP High Waist Freddy Jeans

Santa’s Stocking Idea: Activewear

Let’s be real here for a minute, there is no way that your lady has enough gym gear or shoes.  If it is cute, she will want it – so be a sport and give her what she wants.  Funky tights has an epic range of tights for the fit girl who loves being in the spotlight, check them out here.


4. Magazine Subscription

No really, this isn’t a dying form of media just yet and your fit girl is probably hoarding the past 3 years worth of Fitness Magazines under her bed.  It’s a great way to keep her pushing toward her goals, and you have basically given her a gift every month of 2016.  Sign up here for a Fitness Magazine subscription.

P.S. You can kill two birds with one stone and get yourself a subscription too.


Santa’s Stocking Idea: Spa Day

You don’t need a why, do you?  It is a spa day.  Seriously.  Everyone wants one of these for Christmas! Throw in some food, quality time together and make a day out of it for the both of you!


5. Foam Roller

If your fit girl doesn’t have a foam roller yet, now is the time to splurge.  This little wonder is designed to aid in self-massage, which is every fitness enthusiasts dream!  Be aware that different foam rollers offer different intensity levels, so don’t be afraid to ask before you buy.  Get your hands on one here. 

Sivan Foam Roller

There you have it!  The ultimate gift guide for the fit pin-up in your life.  If you have something on your wish list that I have missed, let me know!  I might need to add it to mine!

Seasons Greetings!


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