Five of the Best – The top 5 fitness apps

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of Personal Trainers, but a lot of us want to start somewhere and turn to the one device that we all have.  Our smartphones.  I’ve played around with a few online training apps and have found five of the best free fitness apps to get your sweat on! 

1. Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts 

This app is as basic as they come.  Giving you a rundown of training ideas and how to execute them, this is the perfect beginner app for aspiring fitness fans.  This was the very first app that I used when I started going to the gym, 3-New Year’s Resolutions ago.  There are at-home and gym programmes that you can make use of and at a pace you decide on.


Get it here 

I give this app 4 dumbbells! 

2. Bodybuilding Workout

This app is better suited to someone with a bit more experience in a gym than a beginner, but still very useful to have on your phone.  Another great app that offers detailed information on how-to execute each exercise.  With any great app comes great annoyance, which is exactly what happens with all the ads that pop up.   If you can overcome this irritation, then it is a great app overall.

Get it here 

I give this app 3 dumbbells!

3. BodySpace

The Facebook of fitness apps, BodySpace is ideal for sharing your workout and getting tips on how to shake things up again.  You can track your training, build work out plans and borrow training plans from fellow BodySpace users.  I love this app and still revert back to it 2-years later.  It is free and run by Bodybuilding.com, which is full of useful information for everyone in the fitness community.


Get it here 

I give this app 5 dumbells!

4. Sworkit

Another great app for those who aren’t totally ready for gym life yet.  There are tons of great training plans that you can do from the comfort of your home.  The only hiccup with apps like these are the in-app purchases that you get surprised by as soon as you get into the swing of things.  BUT, if you are willing to spend a little bit on getting healthier, then Sworkit is worth it!


Get it here

I give this app 4 dumbbells

5. Daily Workouts FREE

Yes, that is really what they have called it.  But, this free app is pretty great for working up a sweat without breaking the bank.  With free apps, expect a lot of ads popping up but it really isn’t too bad when you get into a routine.  It comes with a timer and how to do the exercises, which is all you want from a training app when you’re starting out, right?

Get it here

I give it 3 dumbbells.

BONUS: Spitfire Athlete

Spitfire Athlete is another favourite of mine, but is only available for Apple at the moment.  I definitely recommend it for any iPhone user and you can get it here.  Designed for women by women with a huge range of training plans to choose from.


I give this app 6 dumbbells (because I can)

These are the apps I make use of, but they aren’t the only ones available.  If you use an amazing fitness app that isn’t on this list, drop me a comment with a link so that we can share in the awesome!


5 thoughts on “Five of the Best – The top 5 fitness apps”

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I appreciate it so much! Let me know which one of these apps tickles your fancy!


    1. BodySpace is also really great for beginners as well. I suggest playing around with a few to get a feel for what works for you best!
      Thank you for your feedback, James!
      Good luck with your fitness journey!


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