How our weight loss ideas differ…

This post is for everyone who is wanting to take control of their lives and health but couldn’t be bothered to put in the hard work.  Read on if you dare… On any given day, I am contacted by someone who has found my weight loss story inspirational.  I’m not kidding about the amount of people who ask me for my secret to success and how long it took me to get to where I am now.  The 2 main questions that I am asked are: how long did it take me to lose the weight and/or what tablets I used. Because it is as easy as popping a pill.

It isn’t.

Here is the secret to my miraculous weight loss – I worked hard for it, and still do.

The easiest thing in the world to do is be fat, you just sit there and eat whatever the hell you want to.  It isn’t difficult at all.  What is difficult is putting in the hard work and dedication needed to lose weight.  This is where the problem lies.

When Joe Public finds out that you have to work at weight loss, then they suddenly don’t want to be healthy anymore.  Their excuses spew out like soft serve at a beach-side resort and the sob stories are endless. But there is a little problem, I don’t care about why you can’t lift yourself off of the couch to do something about your health.  What I do care about is why you want to, and that you are determined to do it.


If you’re a first time reader of my blog, let me put your mind at ease for a minute – I really do care about motivating people.  But, I will only motivate you and try to help you if you are willing to help yourself.  I’m not going to put effort into someone who isn’t prepared to put any effort into themselves, what a waste of time that would be for all of us.

My absolute favourite thing in the world are the people who insist that there are magic pills to take for weight loss. They sing the praises of every secret and magic pill on the exclusively Facebook market.  I’m being sarcastic guys, I really hate it when I see this kind of thing! This kind of stuff is secretly destroying your kidneys guys, and you aren’t losing weight just a lot of money. But still, people buy into it.  Please just stop it!


Then we have the quick fix seekers, you know the ones who are so focused on how long your weight loss took.  The same ones who tell you they don’t have time for that kind of commitment.  You are so right, you’ve already cut your lifespan in half with that attitude.

I understand the struggle, I really do.  I’ve been overweight and despondent too, but I put the work into it and my journey is far from over.  So is yours, you just have to put your mind to making the change.  Forget about the time/quick fixes/instant gratification, healthy living isn’t fast food – it takes time and dedication to do it right.

As always, I welcome conversation so leave your thoughts below!


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