5 Reasons why Exercise is Awesome!

I love exercising! It is definitely the easiest part of healthy living for me and the one that I have the most fun with. But exercise is more than just a weight loss tool, here are 5 awesome reasons why you should be breaking a sweat! 

Stress Relief

It isn’t surprising at all that you are stressed out. Just have a look around you and you’ll see that you definitely aren’t alone in this vicious cycle of freaked out folks.  It could be a rough day or something a bit more serious that is bringing you down, but exercise is a natural and free way to combat it.  You release endorphins that naturally de-stress you and being active helps your mind move away from what stresses you out.  Win – win!

That’s My Spot

You’re Healthier

Yes, the obvious is one thing, but did you know that when you are more active, you are less likely to get sick?  Studies show that those who exercise regularly have halved their risk of getting sick compared to someone who doesn’t work up a sweat at all. I can vouch for this one, because I haven’t had the flu in a while since starting to exercise regularly.


You’re Happier

Another great reason why you should be working up a sweat on the reg, and one that goes hand in hand with stress relief. The endorphins released while you’re working out are called “runner’s high” for a reason.  Your body and brain do some great things when working together, and you can find out more about that here. 

I’m Pharrell Williams Happy!

You Live Longer

If you didn’t get this one yet, well then you should know that exercising is helping you live longer.  Exercise is reported to be as effective as quitting smoking on the life expectancy side of things.  Which is a pretty good reason why you should do both!  Quitting smoking and being active is a great way to keep the Reaper at bay for a little while longer.

Not today… yo!

Sex is Better

That got your attention! It is true, studies show that regular exercise increases arousal in both men and women, while decreasing the risk of erectile dysfunction.  This is probably because exercise improves circulation, which is pretty important for bedroom cardio!

Va Va Voom

Well, there you have it.  Not one, but FIVE awesome reasons why you should be working up a sweat!

Tell me, what is your favourite way to work up a sweat?




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