Gym bag packing for beginners

It occurred to me this evening as I packed my gym back for the millionth time that I’ve grown since my first awkward gym back mishap. It dawned on me that there aren’t really any guidelines that tell us how to pack a gym bag, and even fewer tips on what really happens after a gym session. You know what I mean, but if not – read on!I wished that someone had been like: Hey, make sure you have extra wet wipes in your gym bag, things start smelling weird after a minute. They didn’t and I had to learn about sweaty smells the hard way. Luckily for you, I’m totally a sharer and here I am, telling you what you should be packing and why!

Water Bottle

Obvs right? Actually, you won’t believe how often I have forgotten to pack my water bottle because it’s always in my hand… until I need it.  Keep an empty, reusable water bottle in your gym bag that you can refill without hassle after those intense Zumba classes!

Face Wipes

You know what sucks about working up a sweat? The breakouts that happen.  Another awful thing about sweat is that it really isn’t compatible with make up, and there is a 89.9% chance that it will run. I am a big fan of The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Wipes or Nivea Cleansing wipes. Use these both before and after you’ve killed a few calories!


Dry Shampoo

I can’t even begin to express how often this little invention has saved my life… Well, just my hair at least. When pressed for time, you just have to blast your post gym pineapple with this little wonder and transform it into a chic, messy topknot that will have the hippest, bearded dude green with envy (unless that isn’t a thing anymore). It happens all the time and when you train everyday, washing your hair that often leads to dry, damaged hair and nobody’s got time for that.

BB Cream

Your face has been wiped clean of any trace of the expensive foundation you use, and it is red after your training session – grab some BB Cream! It is the perfect no-makeup make to moisturize your face while offering a little coverage for those post-gym flushes. Besides, try apply a fresh face of makeup after training… It’s not happening.


Nutrition Bar/Protein Shake

Don’t even question this. Society will thank you for having a post sweat sesh snack that you can eat on the go.  No one likes being hangry!

Sweat Towel

Again… don’t even question this one. Don’t step out of the locker without a sweat towel casually slung over your shoulder. Nothing is quite as awful as the sting of sweat and mascara running into your eyes, plus no one really wants to deal with your sweaty butt mark on the row machine.


Deodorant & Baby Wipes

This wonderful little duo are the secret dream team for on-the-go freshening up. It’s been a long day ladies, things need a little attention and sweaty areas could do with a wipe. Don’t spare the spray either to prevent being a little smelly.

Extra Clothes

I forgot to pack socks the other day… Biggest mistake ever! Always have an extra pair of sock, panties and stylish tee that you can slip on if you get a sudden dinner invite during your pilates class!


Gym music can get awful. Don’t risk the Top 40 repeat every day, or your fave traffic sing-a-long quickly becomes a rage inducing trigger.


There you have it! My go-to gym bag packing ideas for beginners! Tell us what is in your bag! What can’t you live without at the gym?


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