Day tripping to Goblin’s Cove

I’ve started a new blog series!

We’re trying to explore Gauteng on the weekends as a family. It’s a brand new concept that we’re doing, so to make sure that it sticks I am going to blog about it.

Fit moms don’t spend all day in a gym, they don’t obsess about broccoli and hake either while hiding behind locked doors to avoid temptation. Sometimes we take our people and climb into a car and go exploring. That’s what I did with my people over the weekend and I am so happy that we did.

Let me just point out though that we literally climbed into a car and started driving, we really didn’t have much planned other than dropping off a DVD and stopping at the Chrome Store (don’t even pretend to be surprised that we did).

This was the tenth attempt at getting my kid to smile…

We ended up on our way to Magaliesburg, which is about 70kms from the heart of Johannesburg and is the perfect day-trip location for land locked dwellers like ourselves. Paul suggested that we stop off at a quaint little restaurant that I had heard of but had never been to… ever. We were off to Once Upon a Time @ Goblins Cove for a spontaneous lunch to go with our spontaneous day trip.

I’ll be honest, I was really nervous because I didn’t have any meals with me (other than a SupaShape Brownie) and my 9-year-old can be a bit testy when he gets bored, just like every other kid I have ever met. But, we soldiered on and I am so happy that we did that I am blogging about it.

This guy!

Goblins Cove is adorable! Absolutely adorable and totally kid friendly. I’ll admit that when I first saw the building, all I could imagine was the 90’s obsession with pixies and fairies, but therein lies its appeal. Even Riley was tickled by the eclectic décor and quirky setting – plus, the friendly huskies definitely helped him warm up to hanging out with his lame ol’ parents.

The best part though has to be that the food was amazing and almost clean. I was delighted that they served a relatively clean meal that I could enjoy without needing to do cardio between bites. I had the hake and sweet potato dish that was served with mixed vegetables – but not over processed veg either ladies, legitimately chopped and prepared in the kitchen veg! Also… cooked in butter, so if I was all about that banting life, this would be ideal for me! The portions were insane guys, Paul didn’t even finish his meal!

The boys had their not-training-for-competition meals and loved every morsel of it! Riley even went exploring on his own while Paul and I managed a conversation that didn’t revolve around typical adult stuff. If I didn’t know any better, it could have been a proper family date!


It cost us less than R400 to feed the three of us, which considering the state of our economy is still great value for money and a lovely day out. I did get puppy sickness afterward and had the longest afternoon nap! It was all in all a fabulous day out with my boys and perfect for Jozi dwelling fit moms!

It must be noted that they are in the middle of renovations, so for a restaurant as busy as they are to run as smoothly as it did while subtly hiding rubble is astonishing. I’m serious! We were ultra-impressed. 

They are popular, so book in advance to be sure by calling them here: +(27) 081 043 11

This is a series, so if you have fit mom friendly day trip suggestions, lay them on me… yo!

P.s. I didn’t share all of the decor shots because I really, really want you guys to see it for yourself!


3 thoughts on “Day tripping to Goblin’s Cove”

  1. Wow, sounds good! I will be coming to SA for a quick visit in a few weeks (my mom lives close to you actually I think!) and I have been looking for fun things to do so will definitly keep this in mind! xxx


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