I tried EMS Training


I met with brothers, Morne and Zacko Smit, at their private gym on the West Rand. It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon and I was a little bit nervous. I had done my homework into EMS Training before my session with Morne, so I already knew that I needed to be barefoot during the session. Turned out that I could leave my socks on, but due to the electrical aspect of this training, underwire bras are out of the question.

Morne was such a sport for letting me flex so often.

You start off by changing into a fitted lycra two-piece. It is clean, snug and the black top would have made for the cutest formal shirt to go with a bright skirt. Just throwing that in there.

Morne then explained the ins and outs to me, why he was wetting the vest and how each little pad would wake up my muscle groups. You’re then hooked up to the machine that sends electric waves through to your muscles for the duration of your session. First on the list was a few minutes of cardio, and I wasn’t scared. I do a lot of cardio, so 5-minutes was going to be a breeze. Right?

Can you guess what I was saying here?

If I managed 3-minutes, it was a lot! Having your muscles contracting while trying to ride a bike is exhausting. But, I was starting to see how you can get a full-body workout in under 30 minutes with this kind of training. I was already working up a sweat and almost terrified of what was next.


I was tasked with 6 sets of 20-seconds on/10 seconds off intervals, which was counted as cardio and the kind I could get into. We started with squats, moved on to crunches and leg raises, finishing off with box climb shoulder press. At this point I was on the brink of crying and we’d only been going for 10 minutes.

Guys! It is intense!

The private gym and my squat pose.

I struggle to develop and strengthen my arms, so that is what we finished the session off with. It was here where I discovered that my left arm is way stronger than my right, and that 3kgs feel like 20kgs during EMS training.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I definitely would. I felt very comfortable, I got a magnificent workout and I could feel it the next day. My abs still hurt from those leg raises! It is definitely worth it.

Morne was really patient with all of my questions and really helpful too. He explained absolutely everything to me and even went out of his way to help me relax afterward with a full-body massage on the machine.

I was sweating like a pig, but felt absolutely incredible! And the best part of the entire experience was that it took all of 30 minutes to do a workout that felt like I’d been there all day!

Why you should do it?

  • 20 minutes of training is equal to 4 hours of typical strength training.
  • It helps improve your posture;
  • It is ideal training for anyone wanting to prevent injury or strain, so great for beginners!
  • It targets cellulite! 
  • It isn’t included in the package, but Morne has the sweetest puppies you get to play with afterward (just ask).
  • Do you really need anything more?

Dimension-Fitness West Rand, so get in touch with them now to book your session!

They are currently running a 21-day package for R 3 000, so jump on this to avoid disappointment (and no, I wasn’t paid to say that).

When you go, tell the Smit boys that I say hi!

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