Reviewing Ordinary Skincare Lip Balm

A few weeks back I had a particularly horrid eczema outbreak, and it made my life miserable. I was born with the medical skin condition where patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters. It also gets very itchy and bleeds.

Definitely a romance killer.
When I am extra stressed out, or my body is extra run down, I have severe episodes where the skin on my hands, feet and my lips break out. This was the case for me about 3 weeks ago. I’m a sharer, so I told my page followers about my eczema hindering me being able to wear lipstick. I love wearing makeup, so that was a particularly sad moment for me.

But, back to the Ordinary Skincare Lip Balm.


I was presented the opportunity to test out Ordinary Skincare Lip Balm, which is designed specifically for sensitive skin like mine, so naturally I was excited to see what it could do! To be honest, I was a little bit weary of the product purely because of how many products I have tried in the past. Having struggled with eczema my whole life, I knew a thing or two about trying new products that didn’t help (in some cases, it made it worse).

At first glance.

I started using the product as soon as it arrived on my desk, and right off the bat I was impressed by the soothing properties of the balm. It is unfragranced and hypoallergenic, which is perfect for split lips! In fact the lip balm is made up of only five ingredients and has no silicone properties at all. All that sciency stuff means that it is safe for people with eczema (like me), and for those with psoriasis.

It is packaged in a nifty, little container made of recycled glass that makes it ideal for keeping it on you all day. It also comes in a super fancy little box, which my kittens used as a chew toy so I couldn’t photograph it for you. But if their happiness was anything to go by, the box was a hit!

I’m able to wear lipstick again! 

Did it help?

Yes! Like I said, I was so sceptical when I started using it because of how many products I’ve used in my many years of being alive. It isn’t oily, doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your lips and gets to the point – hydrating your lips.

It took a week of continual use to completely heal eczema on my lips and help the nasty, split lip that I was sporting heal.

I’m so impressed that I am going to start using it on my hands and feet as well and see how well it works there too.

Before (1)

Should you get it?

Yes! Ordinary Skincare is not just for eczema, but for all skin types and was designed for the hard working skin that South African’s have. I recommend that you give their products a try!

You can order online and they ship nationwide. I bet if you ask nicely enough, they’ll ship internationally too.

Facebook (2)

You can follow them on Facebook for more updates, and while you’re following people,  please follow me on Facebook and Twitter too!

Thanks for popping by and don’t be shy to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Do you have eczema or any other skin irritation? Would you try Ordinary Skincare?



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