Burger King and other scary stories

After a testy month of weight gain and freaking out because of it (which doesn’t help weight gain by the way), I was instructed by my coach to eat everything.


I decided to use this opportunity to try a few things that I have never, ever eaten before. I know this seems like a post about my junk food binge, which is exactly what this post is about. Refeeds and scheduled cheat meals are actually very important when you need to trick your metabolism into working again. Something that it stops doing properly when you’re stressed out. Yes, there probably is a science laden term for this but let’s save that post for another day.

What is it?

In a nutshell, a dirty refeed is an entire day of eating high carb, high sugar c.r.a.p that you wouldn’t normally eat. Well, it is definitely not something that I am comfortable with doing and believe it or not, I struggled with the entire process. You must understand that I eat clean 85% of the time, and even when I do have my scheduled cheats, they are calculated down to the last macro. I’m pretty serious about what I put into my body because I need it to fuel what I do with my body. And with the exception of breakfast, I made my refeed fun by trying the dirty food I hadn’t tried before.

Meal 1 – Breakfast

This was probably my favourite meal of the day, because it is a tried and tested egg white and oat pancake recipe that I swear by. I added raspberries and bacon to the mix, along with SupaShape Hazelnut infusions to add a dash of sweetness. I always add honey and cinnamon to my pancakes, so naturally it was no different for the weekend.


Meal 2 – Lunch

I walked into Burger King, feeling like a fish out of water. Riley and I were so excited to try Burger King for the very first time since the franchise landed on our shores. The cashier was amused that we were such newbies at this junk food business and almost amazed that I cook 99% of our meals.

I felt like crying out that we aren’t hermits in a dramatic fashion, flailing around like a soap opera actress. I didn’t, I realize how ridiculous that would have been and I am not living in a reality TV show where that would have been okay. Nevertheless, Burger King is off of my bucket list and it was alright. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but better than I had expected. Riley on the other hand was totally sold on the self-serve soda fountain and french fries. My biggest regret was not getting a crown, but the chocolate shake was worth the funny looks we got.


Meal 3 – Snack

Say what you want, but eating junk food like this is exhausting. I was exhausted and so over everything. I think the main reason for a refeed is to get you so sick of eating crap that you’re as good as gold for the next 12 weeks. But, I’m not a quitter and Riley was in his element with all the junk food in the house so we shared a pint of Magnum ice cream – another first for us.


Riley wasn’t as impressed by the ice cream as I was, but I did pace myself a little bit better than my overzealous 9-year old. And before I get the “you should let him be a kid” stuff, he isn’t deprived of yummy stuff – I don’t feed him hake and broccoli at all.

Meal 4 – Dinner

I had pasta for dinner, which I didn’t photograph because I was so over life at this point. I enjoyed the binge in theory, but when it came down to it I realized that I am not all that into eating dirty anymore. Ironic considering how a few years ago, it would have been my weekend routine.

I think that kind of serves as a reminder that a change in mindset is inevitable with a lifestyle change. It also reminded me that I really don’t mind eating clean at all! In fact, I absolutely loved my hake and broccoli dinner while I recounted my filthy refeed!

Do you refeed or plan a single cheat meal? What is your cheat meal of choice? Let me know, I love hearing from you!

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