Does sex count as cardio?

Admit it, you’ve thought about this before. Maybe you’ve even spoken about it during book club (AKA wine night)? That’s okay, because I have and it has bugged me so much that I did some serious research into it.

Seriously though, it’s for science.

My hormones have been really awful to me lately, so I have been doing a lot of reading up on these things. The one constant is that the horizontal tango is great for regulating hormones. This got me to thinking about how effective sex would be as a workout. If you think about it, you’re working a lot of muscles, breaking a sweat and making the same noises you hear during a tennis match (and would you look at those bodies?).


Besides, spending a little quality time with your person is so much better than running on a treadmill for hours, amirite? So, I went and found some science stuff to back up that you should be getting your freak on more often.


See what I did there?

Sex has a similar effect on the body as that of an intense workout. This means that during sex, your heart rate is going crazy, your metabolic rate increases and you’re burning calories! That’s the winner. If that isn’t enough, you are also stretching and strengthening your muscles the entire time. But wait, there is more! Sex is also a great immune booster, which comes just in time for a season change. Another awesome benefit is that sex – like a great cardio session – is really good stress relief, and heaven knows we could all use a little bit of that in our lives!


How does it work? 

On average, sexy time lasts around 30 minutes, and burns between 50 to 100 calories.  Now while does doesn’t sound like a whole lot, have a look at how many calories you’re burning when running on a treadmill for an hour. Plus, just like varying the intensity of your cardio, switching it up in the sack will increase how effective your bedroom workout is too.

I found this really helpful slideshow that gives you a great break down of what position is best from Fitness Magazine.


Hey baby! 

This all sounds like you should never leave your bed, right? That would be nice, but not in the real world – plus, don’t go cancelling gym memberships just yet. You aren’t really, really going to be focusing on your heart rate while you’re making love, so you can’t accurately rely on sex as your only form of exercise. If it is though, that’s a great start!

Sex is a fantastic way to get blood pumping, burn calories and reconnect with your partner. It isn’t the be all and end all of cardio, but it is a hell of an awesome alternative! But, for the sake of your health and how you look naked, make a habit of doing both on a regular basis.


You aren’t going to regret either!

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