Thalgo Slimming Wrap Review

I try entering as many competitions as possible because I always live in hope that I will one day win something.  That eternal hope paid off and I finally struck it lucky. I was over the moon! The prize? A Thalgo Slimming Wrap treatment with The Laser Beautique Northcliff. Let me start by saying that I could get used to the life of an A-lister. I have been so chilled out after the treatment that I had on Sunday, that it has taken me two days to write this review.

I have struggled to write this review from a technical point of view. I don’t feel like explaining that the entrance is welcoming and light is useful at all. I feel like you don’t need to know that the therapists are beyond friendly and that I struck gold with Nicole because of how fantastic she was. I feel like anything I tell you about the Laser Beautique Northcliff is useless because of how unbelievably impressed I was by the entire experience.


I am so incredibly awkward in situations that require that I wear disposable underwear, but I think I hid it well. And that is where it starts, you get led into a quiet room with dim lighting and asked to disrobe, it is all very exciting if you aren’t a regular at getting spa treatments. In case you haven’t realized it yet, I am not.

As a first-timer, I was as excited as a puppy with a new toy. Poor Nicole!

How it works

IMG_3996The treatment itself took 45 minutes with 3-key steps. I could get very technical here, but the short of it is that involved being wrapped up n a stimulating treatment for 5 minutes a side. This is to encourage intense tissue re-oxygenation that get rid of cellulite and reactivate the release of stored fat.

The next step was my absolute favourite! I had my butt massaged to sculpt and shape it, while toxins were being pushed toward my bladder. But the massage though! Nicole made my day when she commented on how strong my legs are, which was pretty awesome for me to hear. I lift. It’s important that my legs are strong. I’m vain about lifting weights, It’s important that people notice.

I digress…

The final stage is an enhancing cream which is adapted to suit your specific body type, which is to ensure that the results are even more effective.


The recommended minimum is six treatments for effective results, so my one lush session can’t accurately give feedback on the effectiveness of this treatment. That being said, I did notice that my cellulite was visibly smoother when I got home, and so did Paul.


What’s the Verdict?

Is it a substitute for regular exercise and clean eating? No. But to be fair, did you really, really think I would say otherwise?

While the treatment is divine and I recommend that everyone give it a try, it is not a weight loss solution. I do feel that regular sessions can be beneficial for getting rid of cellulite and the last dregs of stubborn fat that you can’t seem to shake.

Would I go again?

Yes! I think that it is a fabulous treatment that relaxes you and does have legitimate benefits for women on a weight loss mission.

Nicole is a star, so ask for her when you book. She said I was too young to be a mom, complimented my legs and told me that I have a great body. She’s my favourite person for life now! Plus, she has crazy strong arms!

Follow them on Facebook and book your appointment by giving them a call:

The Laser Beautique Northcliff

Tel: 011 476 5636

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