Day Tripping – Angela’s Picnic, Pin Ups and Revelations

My post on the Colonial is still sitting in my drafts folder from last week’s day trip, as are 2 other incomplete blog posts that are waiting to be completed. Over the past week, Consumption and the Black Plague had a baby and it somehow made its way to me – knocking me on my ass for days. So, instead of being productive and blogging, I flailed from one soft surface in my home to the next. As a result, the Colonial review had to wait – but in the interim, Angela’s Picnic is much fresher in my still fuzzy brain and this is how that went down.

The night before was particularly shitty for me, I am pretty sure that a combination of cabin fever, stress fat and seasonal eczema drove me absolutely crazy. I felt so badly for my husband and son, but I kind of needed to fall apart and I did in a particularly spectacular fashion. I’m such a big fan of flailing and soul destroying sobbing in the bath, I could have been an inspiration for Girl Interrupted.

I’ve been a little bit bummed out lately, and my journey toward the stage has been riddled with holes that I kept falling into. I haven’t felt like myself in a really long time and I have been putting so much stress on myself that it’s making me sick. Literally – I have the doctors note to prove it. I needed a time-out and Angela’s Picnic came at the perfect time!

But this is a post about getting dolled up and gawking at pretty cars.

Thank you for the awesome photo, Red Wood and Miss Jenn

Pin Up Pretties

Initially, I’d overslept and didn’t really feel like getting out of pajamas’s at all when the Sunday fuzz rolled around. I was still sore from my breakdown from the night before and wanted nothing more than to hide from the world. But, I had said that I would attend the picnic, and I really couldn’t pull ANOTHER no-show. I had to be stronger than my social anxiety and depression, so I started primping and preening my inner-pinup girl.

I love dressing up.

We were late because I procrastinated so much, but it isn’t hard to spot a bevy of gorgeous, pin up girls. I got to officially meet a few babes that I’ve followed on social media for so long that it was almost strange having to introduce myself. We learn a lot about each other from social media, and you can form a genuine friendship with people who you haven’t met personally yet.

I clean up nicely

We had a few awesome photo opportunities, because let’s be real for a minute, when you’re walking around with women who look this fantastic, people are going to want you to pose for pictures in front of their classic cars.

Thanks Angela 

Angela’s Picnic is an event that has been held at Delta Park in Linden, Johannesburg for the past 33 years. This was our very first time attending the event that is organized by the South African Marque Car Association.

Held on the first weekend of April every year, the event is a celebration of timeless cars and hosted in memory of Angela Heinz.



There is more to me than being a fitness obsessed mom, if you haven’t noticed yet, I still have some pin up left in me.

The Revelation? 

What did I decide? Well other than making an effort to spend more time getting dolled up, I’ve decided to stop killing myself to get ready for a competition that is kind of, sort of killing me. I wanted to compete as a little way to inspire myself to strive for more than just weight loss and I kind of lost that along the way. I’m still preparing for competition, but now I’m rather focusing on it being fun for me again. It stopped being fun for me and that’s generally when you need to stop doing it.

I’m looking for the fun again!


The fitness bug bit me when I decided to take control of my life again. I adore being healthy, active and full of energy. The opposite has been happening lately, which lead me to decide that although I still want to compete, it isn’t my main focus anymore.

I’m aiming for WBFF in June, and in the meantime I am going to get dolled up, try different exercises and have a cupcake once in a while!

Depression isn’t something to be scoffed at, if you know someone suffering from depression or are a depression sufferer yourself, you can get help at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

You aren’t alone.

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Dressed in Miss Happ



1 thought on “Day Tripping – Angela’s Picnic, Pin Ups and Revelations”

  1. I hear ya! The minute it no longer becomes fun, I don’t want to do it! But then I remember why I started in the first place and BAM…I find myself again. Cliché I know but sometimes we just need to break out of our routine and feel the sun on our faces! I think you are kicking ass! Keep on keeping on!


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