Day Tripping – The Colonial Days of Hekpoort Heksie

I’m late with this review – two weeks late to be exact, but I still can’t help but think about our little adventure so I have to write it now. As usual, Riley wasn’t keen on our day tripping drive out into the unknown. We like to just get into the car and drive out to see what catches our fancy, and sometimes that means driving around for much longer than expected. We had driven past The Colonial twice before the “playground” sign caught our attention and the rest is gastronomic history.

Walking into any establishment as a heavily tattooed family is always touch and go for us. It is inevitable that we will be stared at, and while we cannot do anything about patrons of a restaurant being unnerved at the sight of tattooed folk on their Easter Sunday, the Colonial staff were incredibly welcoming.

One day I’ll be really great at photographing things without leaving cleaning bottles in the background.

The decor is eclectic and littered with the kind of antiquities that grab my attention. I love the quirky touches of almost modern meets vintage, and thanks to our tattoos, we were tucked away on a private patio (and we didn’t mind at all).

The Food

With my strict eating plan and training being the pink elephant in every conversation that my husband and I have, I really have to pay attention to the menu a lot more than others. Thankfully, I found a meal that fit into my macros without too much of a stretch in the form of a delectably spicy trinchado (which I amused both boys when trying to pronounce it). Naturally they hit the carbs hard with pocket friendly pizzas. I had to take their word for it when I asked what the food was like for them, both gave mouths-stuffed-thumbs-up.



For younger kids the playground would be a treat, but we don’t have a young kid(d) so we had a bored and sullen Riley to start with. His flair for the dramatic is something else entirely, but he gets that from both of us. I’ve narrowed it down to him being hangry as often as I am, which is why I wasn’t surprised at all that he ended up having a great time after we’d fed and watered him.


The owner only popped over as we were leaving, but we weren’t expecting her to chat at all so it was a lovely surprise for us. Overall it was fantastic and I would go back again. In the meantime though, you can visit their Facebook page  or try their food in person here:

3 Rustenburg Road


I’m on Facebook and Twitter too, so let’s congregate there too!



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