Transformation in Progress

I haven’t done a ‪#‎TransformationTuesday‬ in a very long time, so isn’t it fitting that this one be very long?

There are 3 years and 30kgs between these two photos.

An estimated 10% body fat (give or take a few missed cardio sessions), 100’s and 1 000’s of ups and downs.
Liters and liters of blood, sweat and tears and a whole lot of hair dye.
Countless reps and thousands of kgs lifted and put back down again.
Tonnes of meal prep and so much water… all that damn water (all those damn pee breaks)!


It’s been a really tough ride, but it has made me so much stronger as a person.

There is so much more to this picture than weight loss, there is a transformation of how I see myself, how I treat myself and how I keep learning to love myself. That’s the trick… I keep learning to love myself better than I did before. That isn’t vanity, arrogance or ego love either, it is the uncomplicated acceptance that I am enough and that I am worth celebrating.

That is worth every single statistic toward a healthier me and I’m not done yet.



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