Approaching Pin Up Girls 101

You usually see them gliding between classic cars in packs of 2 or 3. Perfectly curled hair frames faces that have been rouged and powdered to pristine proportions. There is a very good chance that their accessories match and they have an ever growing following of people on Instagram all patiently waiting for their next #OOTD. I’m talking about the lifestyle Pin Up girls of the world.

Pin Up Girl

1:  a girl or woman whose glamorous qualities make her a suitable subject for a pinup.

Being dressed to the nines comes with it’s share of stares, appreciative nods and the occasional paparazzi moment. I’m not kidding about the latter either, we often have our photographs taken on the sly, whether it is our good side or not (which is awful by the way).

I’m ready for my close up

I posed this question to my Pin Up Sisters because we’re tighter than your victory rolls, and we can relate to being referred to as a troupe. Here is a comprehensive guide to approaching Pin Up Girls, which comes perfectly timed for Dusty Rebels this weekend as well. Miss Vee DeVille, one of the head honchos behind Pin Up Perfection South Africa has possibly the best take on the matter of sneaky snaps;

“Taking photos of a pinup is very different to taking photos of a zebra.”

And there are no truer words spoken,  ask for a photograph so that we can pose for it. Candids are cute, but we all have a good side. Besides, who really wants to see photos of pin up girls eating or blowing their noses?

How to shoot a Pin Up 101

We’re not here for your entertainment

(Unless you have paid for an appearance)

There is a 99.9% chance that we’ll gladly pose for pictures with you, your car, your toddler, your kitten, etc. But please, please don’t assume that we’re posing with you because you’re shit hot. You probably asked for the picture.

Being adorable is definitely a Pin Up magnet… Just saying.

“Are you here for a bachelorette party? Are you the bride to be?”

~Miss Oh 

This isn’t live action Tinder

I speak for myself when I say that I’m going to swipe the way that you swipe when you aren’t interested. I’m going to swipe that way every darn time. I don’t want your number, I don’t want to give you mine (admit it, if you’re old enough you have No Scrubs in your head now). Ladies who aren’t pin up girls, we aren’t trying to steal your men either – we have our own and they’re all the fella we need.

My fella and my long lost red hair…

It’s funny how so many guys don’t seem to know the difference between pin-up girl and porn star. It isn’t the same thing. 

~Madam Mab von Vixen

This is my personal space

It probably takes us just as long to get ready as it takes a ‘normal’ girl. Okay, perhaps a little bit longer, I mean have you seen what we do to our hair? That hairspray can get a girl feeling light headed. Teasing.
(Oh man, all the puns!)

It’s also really rude to be groped, pulled, prodded and treated like we’re a sideshow attraction.

We aren’t. 

12473942_867003953409548_1979329497596366818_o (1)
Look! A herd of hairspray loving hotties!

Please don’t touch us in ways that you’d feel uncomfortable with if it was your mom/sister/wife. 

I’m not making this stuff up either. This is what some of my pin up sisters had to say about this topic;

“Are you wearing a wig” and “What are you supposed to be dressed as?”  are my best. ~ Lady Flamingo 

Please let us sit down and order a drink, or do whatever it was that we were about to do before coming over to ask for a photo or ask questions. Everyone is much more relaxed and willing to do something once they have a drink in them.

~ Blue Haired Betty

Don’t laugh at me when I tell you that this is how I always dress. 

~Jenn Mae

Final thoughts?

Some of us legitimately dress like this all of the time. We aren’t going to a dress up party, we aren’t wearing wigs and we really don’t want you pulling on our clothing.

It’s real, yo!

Staring makes us feel uncomfortable, as does being photographed without our knowledge (plus, that basically makes you a stalker).

Also – it needs to be noted that there is a huge difference between stunning candids snapped by professionals and basically being photographed mid-sneeze on someone’s camera phone. I didn’t want to offend the lovely photographers who make us look lush, so I had to make the distinction.

There is so much more to a pin up girl than hairspray and liquid liner. There is an entire culture behind what we do and why we do it.

If you’re going to be at Dusty Rebels come and say hi to us! We’re really friendly and love meeting new people who aren’t trying to pull out our curls or check to see if our lashes are real!

Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m on Twitter and Facebook too, so follow me there for more fit pin up action.



Images courtesy of Bettie Bombshell Photography and Kitty Bee Photography 

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