How To: Pinup Makeup with Essence Cosmetics

Pinup girls spend a lot of time on how they look and a lot of money on the makeup they use. This is especially the case for the lifestyle pinup girls (like myself). I decided to let you in on how to do full Pinup makeup without breaking the bank with Essence Cosmetics

make up

I wear makeup on a daily basis. No really, I don’t even pop out to the shops without being done up, it’s the way my granny raised me. That and the one time I did, I ran into an ex with his super hot replacement, but I digress.

Step One

I used both the Natural Blonde Eyebrow pencil as well as the Eyebrow kit from Essence. My brows are constantly at battle for dominance with each other, so usually my twins are really half-sisters, and one of them listens to Nickleback.

Step Two

I spend a lot more time accentuating my eyes because it is my favourite feature. Yes, you are allowed to love the way your face looks, yo. It isn’t a crime. I achieve this look with the All About Nude palette from Essence, which is my absolute favourite eyeshadow range to date (and I’ve got a whole heap of eyeshadow palettes).


Step 3

I used the Essence Liquid Liner pen to achieve my wings and included this helpful tip for anyone trying them out for the first time. Winged cats eyes that is, not eyeliner. It is a pinup staple alongside bold lips and I feel naked without them.


Finishing Touches

I finished off with Lash Princess mascara, but had to wear lashes for an event anyway (they weren’t Essence lashes though). Rouged my cheeks with blush and added a dash of highlighter to my cheekbones for drama. I used No. 8 Red Blush lip liner and the Essence Matt finishing powder to keep everything in place.


As always, I love hearing from you, so leave your thoughts below.

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