What my first week of IIFYM taught me

Well, for one thing that I am pretty awful at remembering to take photos of my food for this post. So you’re just going to have to believe me when I say that I had toast… almost everyday.

I’ve started working with David Cross to help get my nutrition in order. I am under no illusions that I have to start (almost) over, but at least this time I’m doing it with my health in mind. Ironic that my healthy journey ended up being one of the unhealthiest things I was doing to my body.


But what is IIFYM?

Simply put, it is the science of eating whatever the hell you want to, providing that it stays within your macro allotment for that specific day. My macros are calculated around my weight, height and all the fun things in between. I’m currently on a 1500 calorie active rest day schedule (from less than 1200) and 1700 for the days that I train. Which have been none because I have the frikken flu again!


The flu had me like…

So, does that mean carbs?

Yes! Yes! Yes! But here is the thing, my carb intake is 100g per day (on active rest days), this is roughly about 50g more than what my body is used to so that’s gone down a treat. No, not really – it has played havoc on my stomach, but the bread drunk moments are so real.


Let me put that into perspective for you real quick. Two slices of brown bread is considered a single serving (according to the nutritional guideline printed on the packaging and My Fitness Pal), which is also 36g of carbs. So, I can have my bread toasted and eat it.

I’ve also realized that I don’t like bread, so there is that.

Happy days.

Total bliss, right?

Not exactly. I am struggling with my protein intake a lot. I have to consume 150g of protein everyday and to date that has been my biggest challenge. This boet isn’t getting her protein in, yo! Also, I am warning you guys not to Google protein shake GIF while you’re at work.


I am working on ways to up my protein intake, so far I get to 100g and tap out of life. You don’t realize how much food I have to eat now.

How do I feel?

I feel like carbs are not my friend and that this flu is draining my booty gains, but other than that I feel really good. I’m never hungry, hardly cranky (you might want to double check this one with the husband though) and I feel like I have a lot more energy. I don’t know what the scale says though, it’s been a write off week for me in terms of training. Plus, if I am being totally honest here, I’m terrified to see on Monday – I’ve had bread and a beer!


Should you try it?

You know what?


I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try providing that you have the right coach in your corner. This isn’t a free for all, there are a lot of variables and calculations that need to be done. I still do meal prep and still eat super clean, all I’ve added is a lot of extra carbs.


I’ve done the research, tried my damndest to debunk this eating plan, but I can’t. But, I promise to keep you all posted while I enter into this phase of my journey toward healthy living.

If you have anything to add, do it below! I love hearing from you!

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4 thoughts on “What my first week of IIFYM taught me”

    1. If nothing else, we need to stay determined to succeed!
      Thanks for popping by Natassia, I hope you are well.


  1. Well done. I have not tried IIFYM but I have competed in figure competitions and on a very strict meal plan. However, I made the mistake after the first show to have a slice of chocolate cake and a margarita….LOL my body hated me. I had a food hangover, will never do that again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I want to avoid doing and while I was prepping for competition the conventional way, I ended up slipping in more binges than necessary.
      So far, IIFYM has helped my prep ten fold.
      Thanks for popping over to give me a read!


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