What to do before it’s over

This year is a day away from being at the halfway mark. Also, I realized that I sound just like my granny when I typed that line out. But when you pass a certain age, you realize how quickly years go by (possibly because it’s all downhill from here for over 30 year old’s – I’m kidding – obvs!).

I didn’t mean for that title to be the click bait central that I am always griping about online, but it is pretty fitting. Before I go any further though, I need a cup of tea – it’s a cup of tea kind of post. Okay, so I went for Milo instead because I’m living on the edge now. I mean seriously, I’m drinking out of a travel mug while sitting at my desk.

This post isn’t about my hot beverage choices though, it’s more about life choices and making the choice to do something profound before it is too late. This post is inspired by Living Lionheart’s Stacey and her 100 Adventures post . I read that post and felt like I’d become a granny before my time – and I know that I technically dress like your granny did when she was my age. So, I’ve compiled a few things that I’d like to do before then, the year ending, not the world.

That being said, when last did we have a good rapture scare? Off topic, here we go!

Totally unrelated GIF that is so bad ass it had to make an appearance

The List

  • Go on a spontaneous adventure with my boys.
  • Go on a spontaneous adventure with my girls.
  • Finish my sleeve (it’s been a while).
  • Lose the 10kgs I’ve gained.
  • Try juicing for a week.


  • Go to a nightclub and enjoy it.
  • Learn how to speak Japanese.
  • Feature in a Pinup Magazine.
  • Feature in Fitness Magazine.
  • Get 1000+ people to follow me on Instagram (help me by following me).
  • Spend a winter weekend in Nieu Bethesda (fireplace).
  • Crash a party.


  • Take a road trip along the South African coast line.
  • Publish a book (that I wanted to write).
  • Learn how to twerk.
  • Take the Body Beautiful stage in October and show off my ripped muscles.
  • Get ripped.
  • Take Riley to Botswana.
  • Think of cooler things for a list of cool things to do before the year ends.
  • Visit the Vic Falls.

There will be a follow up to this – I’m not this unoriginal.

I promise.

Let me know what would feature on your list below and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook too!






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