What I Wore: Nautical Chic

I’ve been asked this an awful lot lately, so I’ve decided to include a wardrobe blog into my usual routine. In case you didn’t realize this yet, I have a pretty distinct Pin-up style that I wear on a daily basis. A lot of ladies really like this style for a special occasion or for fancy dress events (which is totally fine too, guys), I just prefer dressing like this all the time.

This is my first time doing a wardrobe blog, so be patient while I flail around to figure out the whole #OOTD blog business. This isn’t a promoted post either, I’ll try do these as often as possible for those who are interested in figuring out Pin Up without a massive budget.

To start with, I bought this skirt from PQ’s fashion outlet for R100 last winter. It isn’t anything fancy at all, just a really classic pencil skirt that I found in this awesome navy stripe. Now, I know how taboo horizontal stripes are, but I couldn’t care less! I love my budget skirt!

13346124_1136403539713244_2228720135972832817_o (1)

I paired that with my trusty Miss Happ cardi that I bought for myself in 2013 (that kind of gives you an idea of the quality, right?). I like that it is quite fitted that allowed me to tuck it in to really create a sassy, pin up look. Tidied up with a Miss Happ bow belt, I finished off the outfit with my favourite pair of Iron Fist heels to extra umph. I ended up kicking them off and swapping them for a pair of red pumps instead – I can’t drive in heels.

I am a firm believer in accessorizing every outfit, from earrings through to making sure that I have something on my arms. For my nautical look, I added my favourite pair of anchor earrings that I was gifted by my dear friend and uber babe, Miss Vee De Ville. I used my Pinn’d Up Clothing hair scarf to keep my unruly curls in check and a collection of pearl bangles from Vanilla Violet for the final touch.

Dress up

Get this look:

Cardigan and Bow Belt: Miss Happ

Pearl Bracelets: Violet Vanilla Shop

Shoes: Iron Fist

Hair Scarf: Pinn’d Up Clothing

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