Parenting, comp prep and the flu

I have had a whole ish load of stuff going on with me lately. It’s the June holidays, which is a biggie for parents because that means your kids have 3 weeks off. Urgh.

I went on leave recently, it has been a really long time since I had a holiday of any kind and I was really, REALLY hopeful that I’d get to Wilderness to see my mom. Sadly, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I’ve developed a brand new strain of flu that knocked me out… AGAIN! Guys, I’m so damn over getting sick and can’t actually figure out why. I eat ridiculously healthy food, I train every-single-day, take my vitamins and I get my eight hours sleep.

What the hell!?


It’s really frustrating, and if anyone has any suggestions on what the issue could be, let a girl know. Please! I’m getting a bit desperate here.

But, moving onto how competition prep is going – well, it isn’t. Apart from staying on diet, I’ve been out of the gym for a week already and it is making me super antsy. Paul has been super strict though on getting me to rest, which is really difficult for me to do. As I type this, I’ve just made popcorn for Riley, started folding up washing, snooped to see who my neighbour was shouting at and connected the washing machine – don’t tell Paul.


That would also explain why it usually takes me days between blog posts – I’m like a frikken guppie when it comes to concentrating.

As for the parenting bit, Riley is on school holidays – and I am ill. I would rather have root canal done than have to deal with a bored  9-year old who gets extra clingy whenever I am ill. Why do kids do that? Why do they get ultra demanding when moms are sick? I mean, if Paul was sick, Riley wouldn’t bat an eyelid (not entirely true, he’s a very caring kid).


So, if anyone has any ideas on how to kick the flu bug (for good), please drop me a comment or two.

I’m off to do some meal prep because I’ve officially been put onto a lean out diet! Yay! That makes the next 12 weeks super real, but I am avoiding scales until after this flu has passed. You retain water when you’re sick, which makes the scale say horrible things to you.

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