What I wore: My Sunday best

I think I have found the style that I feel absolutely lush in. It isn’t too loud or too bold, but I swear that I haven’t had that much of a reaction to an outfit since I started dressing the way that I do. Paul loved it, I loved it and by the looks that I got from passersby, it was a hit!

I have long been in love with Dita von Teese and when I first started my pinup journey, turned to her for style inspiration. But, as we grow, so does our style and wardrobe choices and mine took a turn for the colourful.

But lately, I’ve been drawn toward simple, bold and elegant fashion choices that can only be inspired by Dita herself. So, when I was getting ready to support the lovely Angelique from Violet Vanilla, I channeled my inner Dita to create a look that I am smitten with.


I paired the swing skirt that I found on Spree for R 299 with my PQ’s R100 cardi and a sleeveless blouse that I found at Mr Price last season. Admittedly, I didn’t really like that blouse until I paired it with this outfit and now I am sad that I don’t have a few more colours.

The pumps were Jet finds that I got around the same time as the Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells do PTA. These weren’t more than R120 and I wasn’t too keen on heels while searching for Retrospective in Brooklyn Mall (it was my first time there too).


I accessorized with my favourite oversized Lady Flamingo Boutique rose and Violet Vanilla Pearls. I also had my Chaos and Candy teapot brooch added for a splash of colour.

I know it was a winner because my Olivia loved it too!


Next on my to-do list for my changing wardrobe is a pair of high waisted swing pants. I had a pair ages ago and somewhere along the line, I must have tossed them out (like an idiot). If you know where I can find a pair, drop me a comment so that I can go get my grubby paws on  them!

Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below.

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