F@#% the scale

Man, I got onto the scale this morning for the first time in a month. It wasn’t pretty at all, that damned scale told me that I haven’t lost a single kilogram, which sucks because I’ve been so focused on my journey. I know that I’ve lost weight though by the other things that my body is doing, and you can use these too.

The scale is a dick! There, I said it because someone had to and I really don’t mind using profanity to get my point across. Seriously. I’ve been focused on training and eating healthy foods, but the scale isn’t budging. I would have let that bring me down in the worst way, but there are other great ways to measure your weight loss that don’t rely on an unreliable scale.

How your clothes fit

I was recently sent a stunning pair of Levi’s jeans from my Miss Bombshell Betty PTA prize, so I had to send through my sizes. I’ll admit that I did this with a massive gulp because I knew that I’d gained weight since my move back to JHB. I’m just not as active as I was when I lived in the quaint little village of Wilderness. I hardly ever used my car when we lived along the Garden Route, walking is a way of life there.


As usual, I digress.

I tried on these gorgeous, high waisted jeans that I was convinced would be too tight on me, so you can only imagine my happiness when they were too big for me. Okay, that did lead to another issue of me now having a pair of pants that I cannot wear, but the plus is that I’m no longer the large size that I thought I was.

Happy days!

How you feel about life

I’ll be the first to admit that a healthy lifestyle is probably the best thing that you can do for depression, but not the only thing. I’ve been on medication for little over a month now and I’m feeling like my old self again. This is better than anything the scale tells me because I feel  better about myself in general. It’s an overall feeling of being happy with who I am.


It’s pretty wonderful if you ask me.

When you feel good about yourself, you don’t need the validation of a scale to tell you that your journey is working. You’ll know that it is working because you feel amazing in your own skin.

Well, I do at least and that is pretty effing wonderful too.

How often you’re complimented

Who doesn’t love being showered with compliments? I don’t think that there is anyone on earth who doesn’t love the confidence boost of a great compliment. That is another great way to tell if you’re on the right track with your weight loss journey – how often other people notice your hard work.


Let’s face it, there is little else as lovely as being told that you’re looking amazing, especially when you’re putting in so much effort to look incredible. So bask in that glory and take the compliments, because it’s pretty obvious that the scale isn’t going to pay you any flattery.

Not with the sh*tty attitude it has.

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Until next time.




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