Reviewing Uriage Skin Care

Every now and then, being a blogger has it’s perks. I was sent a sample of the Uriage Skin Care range to try by the fab folk at Rubybox and here is how life changing that sample pack was for me.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I struggle with ezcema. It’s pretty awful and something that I’ve dealt with my entire life. When seasons change, the skin on my hands split open terribly, causing the worst pain and awful eyesore you can imagine. I have tried absolutely everything imaginable and to date and until recently, nothing helped.

Okay, that isn’t a completely accurate statement – my split lip situation was amazingly dealt with by Ordinary Skincare Co.

So, when my Rubybox package arrived on my desk a few weeks back, I was thrilled to give it a try. After all, it came just in time because I was struggling with a particularly horrific breakout.


You can see how desperately I needed this little product drop, and you’ll be amazed by what I tell you next. It works! No gimmicks, no fancy pants photoshop or anything of the like. It works!

I could hardly believe it myself to begin with, but after using the hydrating spray on my eczema, I was blown away by the relief it provided me. You can see that I needed some relief desperately, and that is exactly what it did. There was instant relief and instant hydration to my very, very dry skin.

I didn’t reapply anything until much later that evening, which was the most impressive part because I usually need to reapply lotions and potions throughout the day for a smidgen of relief.

I only photographed the after two days later because I really had forgotten all about my eczema, something that hardly ever happens.


My winter eczema has almost cleared up entirely, but never mind the shoddy nail situation – I was more concerned with getting my butt to gym.

Uriage is available at Dischem and is really reasonably priced as well, which is another huge plus for me because I was really expecting it to cost an arm and a leg. It didn’t and I would definitely recommend that you give it a try. I’m serious too, it is going to change your life.

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