Staying motivated like a boss

More than motivated

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to wait for that summer body to make itself, and you want to get bikini ready before the winter months have passed, here are three ways to get going …

Be realistic

Trying to lose countless kilograms within a few weeks isn’t realistic. The weight didn’t go on that quickly, so what makes you think it will come off that quickly?

  • Start off by consulting a medical professional to determine what sensible weekly or monthly goals you should aim for. Not all goals are created equal, so you can’t compare your weight loss to that of someone else.
  • Know that the slower the weight comes off, the longer it will stay off. Drastic and sudden weight loss is usually interpreted by your body as being starved, which allows the metabolism to fall, thereby causes discomfort and rapid weight gain once you eat normally again.

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Have a weight-loss buddy

Having a buddy to join you on this journey allows you to harness the magically power of teamwork. Yes, teamwork is a strong motivator and having someone to cheer you on and be accountable to makes you work harder.

  • Find a buddy who has the same or similar health goals as you do. If you’re a 30-something year old woman wanting to drop 30kgs, you can’t really have a 21-year-old buddy who is wanting to get fit. Your goals aren’t the same at all.
  • I talk about online support groups often because of how effective they are. They are also full of useful information that you can use for your own healthy and weight-loss journey. Do a little digging to find the group that is right for you.

Sign up for a class

A great motivator is finding a fun class that will work up a sweat and burn a few calories. Also, when you sign up for an exercise class, you commit to that activity for a month at a time.


There are numerous benefits to joining a class. You’re likely to make friends, get fit and have fun at the same time. It’s win-win!

There are countless ways that you can condition yourself to be motivated to lose the weight you’re wanting to. It just takes that first step in the right direction.

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