My butt is lifting, and other mini victories!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted but I figured that I get a free pass considering that I’m seven weeks out of my first competition, I’m studying and adulting like a pro. Life is busy, a girl occasionally needs her full eight hours sleep and an all-nighter with her babe friends! 

So, I’ve been working overtime with my prep again and since I’ve been on medication I feel like brand new person. In case you missed it, I’m on  anti-depressants and don’t really care about the stigma that people place on seeking help for mental health issues.

IMG_6803[1]Things have been really great for me lately! I’ve rediscovered how much I love dressing up and figuring out the whole vintage hair thing. I’ve also got my squat butt back! I didn’t realize that I was doing as well as I am until my husband snapped a picture of me in new lingerie. I’m not even kidding when I say that I didn’t really think it was me to begin with, but it is and I’m embracing it!

For a change, I’m feeling really good in my own skin and I can see the progress creeping back again! A hell of a difference from a month ago when I’d decided to throw in the towel, right?

Kidding, I would never just throw away all that hard work – not unless chocolate brownies were involved.

But, I digress.

It’s my butt!
It definitely is a combination of seeing this picture and knowing that the hours and hours of hard work in the gym along with the countless chicken/fish and green veg meals are paying off. Better still, I’m enjoying this process so very much now – I don’t even mind getting up at 4am to walk on a treadmill for an hour and then do 100 hip adductions and try avoid eye contact in the gym.

IMG_6624[1]I’ve also gone and made my hair a messy purple – I’ll probably tidy that up soon too though. It’s been one hell of a rough start to this year for us, but it’s working out so beautifully now guys, I am so very happy. Going into the second half of 2016 and I’m closer to my goal than I thought I would be. I have so many exciting opportunities in the works and so much to look forward to!

Plus, did I mention that I was promoted to Community Manager at Content Candy? In all fairness, I basically stalked my bosses until they gave it to me, but that still counts! I’m teasing about stalking them… obvs! I’m really excited about this new position because it is exactly what I’m in love with, so wish me luck!

What have I missed? I think that’s a pretty good, yet brief up date for you – in case you wanted one that is. I’m trying to find an extra hour in my day to blog more often, so fingers crossed that happens too! I know there are moms the world over who could do with 25-hour days and unlimited supplies of wine.

I love hearing from you, so feel free to drop your thoughts below.

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Until next time.



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