What I Wore: HellBunny Chic

It started off with an innocent visit to the Voortrekker Museum with my boys. We were already in Pretoria, so I suggested we go to Retrospective in Brooklyn Mall so that I could have a look around. Next thing I knew, I was in this dress and falling in love. We don’t often get to Brooklyn Mall, so when we’re able to pop into Retrospective, I get to salivate for as long as my boys allow. You don’t understand it, it is a little piece of Pin Up heaven in Pretoria.

I’d always, ALWAYS wanted to try on the lush dresses that they have in their store, but never had the guts or time to do so in the past – but I clearly had both over the weekend because I tried on two stunning dresses!

I noticed the Hell Bunny dress first, but didn’t bother looking at the price tag knowing that we’d just had an afternoon at the museum and we hadn’t budgeted for an impromptu dress shop. Still, I really wanted to try it on, so I did.


To say that I fell in love with this ultra comfortable, aqua number is an understatement. The flowing, light material is ideal for picnicking during hot summer days and lush enough for hitting the town at night. I snagged myself a medium, which is a tad lose around my waist, but then again my waist is currently at 70cms, while my hips and bust are catching up. I know, I know… how awful is it to have a small waist (I’ve heard that loads already guys).

What was my point again? Oh yes! The dress!

I was a bit concerned that my breasts would be too big for the diamond neckline, but there wasn’t any ruffling or pulling at all. When I took this little baby out for an official spin, it was for a business meeting and I felt extra confident in it – that is the power of a magnificent dress!


The sleeves aren’t too tight, another common hiccup for girls who lift weights – which is a huge plus for me! Also, the colour compliments my complexion exceptionally well, and I suspect that it would have the same affect on anyone who wears this stunning little number.

I kept my accessories simple with a trio of pearl bracelets from Violet Vanilla shop and T-Bar flats from Jet.

This dress is currently on sale but wont be for long, so head on over to Retrospective to get your paws on one of your very own! Links to all of the social pages are all over this post, go show some support!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Until next time.



2 thoughts on “What I Wore: HellBunny Chic”

    1. Thank you! It is a really flattering cut, so I think it would suit anyone! Plus, it is ultra comfy which is just the cherry on top for me!


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