Revlon Extreme Impact Curling Iron

Any vintage loving lady will tell you how important it is to have a variety of hair styling tools in their arsenal. Okay wait, I’m willing to bet that most ladies are hoarding a curling iron or two on their dressing table. If you don’t and might want to, you might want to keep reading.

I love doing vintage styles on my hair and you’ll hardly ever catch me without my hair curled. I learned how to curl  my hair with my hair straightener out of necessity (because I didn’t have a curling iron) and it’s worked like a charm ever since.  But, being all determined to master vintage hair and having a slight problem with hoarding hair lovelies, I had to get myself a curling iron.

Because I have used my Revlon straightener for way longer than the guarantee promised (with no issues either), and because I’m all about that budget life – I opted for the Revlon Extreme Impact Curling Iron.


I was swayed by the temperature control option, which few other curling irons seemed to offer. I am really particular about how hot I set my heat styling tools to, and usually set them to between 170 to 190 degrees.

Did you know that when you style your hair with heating tools that exceed 250 degrees, you risk bonding products to your hair. 

Another selling point was that I’ve been using the Revlon straightener since Pa fell off the bus, so I was pretty sure that it would last me as well. Hopefully, it’s early days still. Plus, it was a reasonable R 250 (which is all of $17) and I love the colour too!

This picture has nothing to do with a curling iron and everything to do with my cats

The wand of this little device is 1 1/2 inch thick, which is ideal for the vintage curls I’m after, while the handy little stand protects surfaces from heat. It warms up relatively quickly too, another great plus for busy pin up girls in the morning. I found that the clasp hooked a little bit too much for my liking, but this could easily be rectified by using a touch less hair than I did. The curls that I get from this curling iron is great and I do need to make an effort to use it more often – I still currently turn to the straightener more often than not.


Okay, the gripes that I have with this curling iron?

It frizzes my hair terribly! I already have very frizzy hair, so it takes extra work for me to look lush than the non-frizzy haired Fran. It makes my job 10 times tougher when I’m trying to tame frizz, style curls and still get to the office on time. But, in the curling iron’s defense, I hadn’t blow waved my hair beforehand which possibly caused the problems.

Overall, I think it’s a fabulous product and at a reasonable price too. For anyone looking for a great curling iron to achieve vintage curls without breaking the bank, this is the one for you. It is also really great for hair beginners and in-betweeners like me.

If I were about that rating system life, I’d score this little baby a 4 lipsticks out of 5. If you have a different rating or have a product that you prefer (and that I must try), let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time.



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