Lilac hair fail and how I got rid of it

About two weeks ago, I accidentally put too much gentian violet into my freshly highlighted hair – you know, for that white shine. It unintentionally looked frikken awesome, so I wanted to have it a permanent thing. To quote my dear old mom; what you want and what you get are two different things.

I had a bee in my bonnet and was determined to have pastel lilac hair that I accidentally created for myself. I mean though, even I think it looks lush!


So, I ordered two bottles of hair dye and a pastelizer to help me achieve this fab look on the reg, and waiting in anticipation for it to arrive. You can only imagine how my nerves were kicked into overdrive when my package arrived and I was not in the possession of the goodies that would transform me into a lavender dream.

Well, that didn’t exactly go according to plan.


Sadly, the colour that I got was nowhere near the colour that I asked for or wanted. Sure, it was pretty, but it took me a long time to warm up to it. I didn’t warm up to it, obvs. It was patchy in some places and while it looked really pretty when it was done, I couldn’t leave the house without it done. Naturally I was disappointed, I’d used this product before with no issues at all, and here my mid-mid life crisis hair was a mess.

I didn’t like it one little bit.

It had to go, but I wasn’t going to try bleaching my hair so I went for a different option. Vitamin C tablets and Head and Shoulders Shampoo.

Yes, you read that correctly, I used vitamin C tablets to remove fashion colour from my hair and here is how:



Step One

I crushed up (an entire bottle of) vitamin C tablets and added it to (an entire bottle of) Head and Shoulders shampoo – the apple one because it smells so lovely.

Step Two

I then painted that little mixture on like a mask and let it sit for a 20 minutes.

Step Three

Rinse and repeat if necessary.


You should know

  • You need to make sure that the tablets are totally crushed and it can’t be the fizzy variety either – you need to use a  hammer and a little baggie to be sure you save all the vitamin goodness.
  • I had to do this treatment three times because I was never satisfied with the result, but it worked.
  • Something in the vitamin C opens up the hair follicles which allows the colour to “fall out”, trippy but that’s the deal according to Google.

It doesn’t damage the hair at all and safely removes the colour that is there, but you should know that it might leave some colour behind.

I ended up having pink roots, but that was sorted out with a dose of Ultra Light Ash Blonde that worked as a toner as well.

13737675_10153771061138519_7165669045281826433_o (1)

I much prefer my hair now – and it only took four frikken hours to get done!

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