Wiggling myself into French Noir

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot with Bronwyn Stewart from Bettie Bombshell Photography. We went out to French Toast in Harties for the shoot because of the quaint little Paris themed set, complete with Pont des Arts and Eiffel Tower. If that isn’t exciting enough, wait until you hear the best part – my wardrobe is older than I am. 

Since going platinum blonde, I’ve been called Marilyn Monroe an awful lot. So it was kind of fitting that I channeled the blonde bombshell when I got in front of the camera again for the first time in a year. A lot has happened over the space of this year and I think that I’ve finally discovered who I am. Since turning 30, things have really started to pick up for this Bettie. I’ve been strict with my training and diet, so I’ve started to drop weight again, which is the goal! The weight loss and overall confidence kick in the squat butt inspired me to try on a dress that I have treasured since I was 17 years old. As an avid collector of vintage evening dresses, this one in particular was the dress that started it all.

Made for my grandmother using her measurements, this 1950’s original is a skin-tight, LBD that would have knocked the socks off of my grandfather when he saw her in it. It was an unreal honour to be able to wear this dress for my shoot with Bron. Seeing as how this little number isn’t exactly a spring chicken and is pushing 60. The fact that it is still in such amazing condition is just a testament to how carefully I take care of my clothing. Yes, that was a shameless brag.

The only hiccup is that two teeth from the zip have fallen off, but that can easily be replaced once I find someone who I trust enough to handle the dress for me. It must be pointed out that while the bust and hip of this dress fits like it was made for me, my waist is much smaller than my Gran’s was, so there is a bit of ruffling around that area. Still, I have my Gran’s great rack and knockout curves, so who cares about a little ruffle?

Bronwyn, as always, was a total dream to shoot with and I was absolutely floored with the shots that we managed to get in just 20 minutes. Oh, yes… we only had 20 minutes to shoot and numerous challenges of curious tourists and visitors wanting in on the action. I mean you can’t really blame their curiosity, it isn’t every day that you stumble across a Marilyn-esque pin-up girl in Hartebeespoort dam. Eventually we roped in my Paul to hold up a light reflector to help capture this dreamy glow that Bron managed to create for me.

I got to have a taste of French Noir glam and felt like a million bucks doing it. Plus, I’ve debunked the old Blondes have more fun” saying, it is totally true.

Wardrobe: Vintage Custom Wiggle Dress

MUAH done by myself

Accessories: Violet Vanilla Shop

Shoes: Iron Fist

Location: French Toast Hartebeespoortdam 

Lashes by Oh La Lash from Anonamiss Beauty Emporium

Cashe French Vintage shoot 044-3 (Large)

Cashe French Vintage shoot 049 (Large)

Cashe French Vintage shoot 025-2 (Large) (1)

Cashe French Vintage shoot 030-3 (Large)

Cashe French Vintage shoot 017-2 (Large)

Cashe French Vintage shoot 119-3 (Large)




You can find Bettie Bombshell Photography on Facebook. Find me there too!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time.



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