Why can’t we be proud of our hard work?

The body positivity movement is something that can only be described as liberating, exhilarating and damaging. Yes, you read that last one correctly and I am already preparing my butt for the backlash this post is going to get.

All across social media, we are flooded with images of women of all shapes and sizes who promote self-love. I absolutely love this, I love how women are embracing their own skin and loving themselves for who they are and what they have. We’re all given something to work with that we make the most of, I use my body to get strong and be healthy. I also use the skin I am in to promote the Pin Up culture and timeless sophistication. Other people like slipping into more conventional styles, it is the diversity of who we all are that makes the world such a lovely place.

I agree that society and media have painted unrealistic expectations for what women have to be, and I agree that it damages the self esteem of women and girls the world over. I don’t agree with promoting unhealthy behaviour and slapping #BodyPositivity on it to justify it.

I take fitness very seriously. I am working on getting ready for Rossi and am actually getting really close to that goal. I feel confident, I look really great and I’m finally feeling good in my own skin. That was something I did on my own, not what media told me to do. I wasn’t happy in my own skin because I wasn’t happy – not because I wanted to look like a photo-shopped version of myself. So, I made a decision to change for the better, for a healthier me, happier me and all the good things in between.


Then I wasn’t body positive anymore.

I see this all the damn time too. Other people telling women how they need to look. Women bringing each other down, tearing apart what the other is doing. Dictating what the other should be doing with their bodies, like they have a say at all.

“Don’t lose too much weight now.”

“Oh no, muscles are manly. You shouldn’t lift weights.”

“You looked so lovely before the weight loss.”

“Insert choice phrase here.”

Why can’t I be proud of my hard work? Why can’t I show off the HOURS that I’ve dedicated to bettering myself? Why is what I am doing for my own health offensive, when clinically obese women are heralded as heroes and false idols for women the world over.

It’s such bullshit.

Body shaming is such bullshit.


If you are happy in your own skin, does it matter what your skin looks like? Really though? I’m really tired of being told what I should do, how I should look and why my goals aren’t good for women. I’m really annoyed that choosing a healthier path and lifestyle isn’t considered positive or empowering at all. I’m really over fanatical fan girls diving on the attack when anyone says anything about unhealthy role models.

I’m not saying that you need to hit the gym, unless you want to. What I am saying is that just because you don’t understand why someone does something to better themselves, don’t bash them. Don’t make them feel like their goals aren’t important and for the love of all things healthy, let them be proud of how damn hard they’ve worked to achieve their goals.

It isn’t for everyone, but that’s okay too. If we all liked the same things, think of how boring our lives would be.

I’m on social media, so feel free to join the conversation there.

I welcome constructive commentary, so leave your thoughts below.

Until next time.



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