Sisters are doing it to themselves

Admit it, you sang that headline didn’t you? That’s cool, I did too. There has recently been a number of sexist remarks aimed at the female athletes at the Olympics. These sexist remarks have sparked an outcry from the internet and isn’t it high time too?

We know that when men aim their sexist remarks at women, we get our frilly knickers in a knot and demand fair treatment. But, we can be dicks to other women and it’s grounds for sides to be chosen. With that logic, it is no wonder that our biggest achievements get credited to the men in our lives by men looking in. I’ll be real with you here, I don’t understand why the hell we do it either.

I’ve spoken about this so many times before that I fear the broken record-esque tone this post is going to take. I say that knowing that I really, effing hate it when women tear each other apart and call it #squadgoals.

No! You are just petty bitches!


I’m not saying that we all need to be besties with everyone who crosses your path, but you also don’t have to be a jealous bitch to them either. Do you know why they make movies like Mean Girls and the story-line for every 90’s teen flick? Because women are so damn predictable that Hollywood already knows that they can sell a plot on whose side we will pick.

Will she side with the pretty Plastics, or will the frumpy ugly duckling turned swan win their hearts? It’s such a tough call! 

Instead of actually being the sisterhood we all love preaching about on social media (you know you do that), we criticize each other. We send our legions of hormone driven friends to do the same like they are a pack of circus dogs taking orders from their jealousy fueled ring leader. Cyber bullying, snide remarks aimed toward each other in Spar and the occasional elbow to the ribs on the way to the treadmill. Ladies, we are dicks to each other and it is high time that that shit stops.


I’m not innocent either, I have been that underhandedly nasty dick to my fellow woman, and I am not proud of it! I too was raised in a society where we are graded on how we look, where we fit into and how appealing we are to men. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a sexist at all – I am a realist and I know that this is how society deems the importance of women.

If you are too pretty and someone else’s husband looks in your direction, you are the slut.

The pervy husband isn’t pervy at all, oh no – you obviously woke up with seduction in the dairy aisle on your mind.
If you are too clever, then you’re an overachiever who thinks she’s too good for anyone or anything. You can’t just be celebrated as being a bright individual, you’re a stuck up, bitch.

What about the women who take care of themselves and spend hours in the gym each week? We are either trying to be men, steal your men or show off with our gross abs and fake tans. So gross.


We can’t just be celebrated for being amazing and strong and so damn wonderful by our fellow sisters, can we? No, because that would mean we value ourselves far too much and then how would the media control how we value ourselves?

Bottom line? Stop being such a bitch to each other, you don’t know what battle the other woman is fighting.

I welcome commentary (even the “feminist bitch” variety that I am anticipating).

I am on social media here and here.

Until next time.



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