My top 5 weight loss hacks (that actually work)

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes healthy living is boring, but here is how I make sure that I stay firmly on the wagon.

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room, weight loss is hard. Lots of people will assure you that they can give you advice and coach you to a slimmer you in a jiffy, but that isn’t going to happen. I’m sorry, someone had to dash your dreams so it may as well be me, right? What I do know is how to drop weight the healthy way without starving yourself or having to restrict your diet. Here are a few of my best hacks for weight loss.

Don’t meal prep

Okay well wait, that isn’t entirely true and I have always been very vocal about the importance of meal prep, but I do mine way differently. Think about the state of your defrosted, three-day old veg and protein meal that you’re forcing your way through come Thursday. It sucks and you’re getting ready to throw in the towel and rugby tackle the sandwich guy in your office, but there is an easier way – don’t prepare too many meals.



I only prepare three meals at a time, so just the meals that I eat the next day. This way I get to have fresh meals that are still tasty and that don’t make me want to choke hold my coach. You can do this by preparing your meals while you are cooking dinner.
Easy Peasy!

Have all the Jelly

My favourite creation for people who are preparing for a fitness competition is the sugar-free/Zero Jelly range. These bad boys have literally saved my life and the best part is that they are not awful. Low in calories (which IS important for weight loss), this little goodie allows you the sweet indulgence that you really, REALLY want without the extra calories being claimed from your daily allowance.


It works really well for folks who have quite strict eating plans, as well as for those who follow an IIFYM approach to weight loss.
My favourite flavours are cherry, raspberry and peach. They are all winners though and go a long way for girls like me (with a sweet tooth).

It’s the berries

Whenever someone tells me how much sugar there is in fruit, I very nearly poop a little. I know that fruit is loaded with sugar, but let’s be real for a minute – it isn’t like you’re gorging on slabs of chocolate, right?
I love berries, especially strawberries, and I make sure that I’m snacking on these delicious little treats all the time. They curb the sugar craving that always strikes at 3pm in the afternoon, and they keep you fuller for longer.

Switch your protein up

We know that there should be some protein on your plate, but what if you made that protein a lean one? Fish or chicken are great sources of lean protein and both are lower in calories, without depriving you of any nutrients that you need. Make sure that you have good carbs, like sweet potato or basmati rice, as well as lots of fresh veg.

This will fill you up for longer and help you resist the urge to snack on sweets in between meals.
I personally love stocking up on oil-rich fish as a protein source because it is also a great source of omega-3 fats. That is important because Omega-3 helps prevent blood clots and keeps your heart healthy.

Try on your skinny jeans

When I get a little bit relaxed with my training and eating healthier food, I put on my smallest pair of skinny jeans to keep me on track. Yes, I know how awful this sounds but when you have already worn the pants out and about, it puts your progress into perspective.

I try on my skinny jeans when I’ve been a little bit lazier than usual and it always gives me the reminder to get back on the wagon that I need.
I welcome commentary, so leave some here.
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Until next time.


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