Summer Pin up must haves that won’t break the bank

Summer is here in South Africa and I couldn’t be happier. We don’t have the worst winters, but they’re definitely nothing like our balmy summers. To celebrate a new waist line size and season, I have been hunting for amazing pieces that don’t cost a kidney for the pin up on a budget. Here are my faves so far.

Floral will always be in fashion when you’re a pin-up girl, and we know all about bold prints and high-waisted hotness. So if you were looking for a hint on what you’re going to be stocking up on this summer, there you go.

Floral for Spring… 

I recently stumbled across an absolute stunner of a floral set from Mr. P of all places. I absolutely love how comfortable and bold this little number is and it definitely has the Tiki Queen look that I love so much! Pair this with a Lady Flamingo Boutique hair flower for the perfect Rockabilly look.


I am really loving the tropical prints that really add sunshine to every outfit, I definitely recommend that every aspiring pin-up have at least one item of clothing in their wardrobe sporting this print.

The Staples 

There isn’t anything as important for a Pin up than a lovely swing skirt, which doesn’t have to be a polka dot affair either. I love these Spree Midi Skirts that double as swing skirts and work exceptionally well with every occasion. I like adding a colourful petticoat that I get from Pinn’d Up Clothing to the look for a wardrobe staple that keeps on giving.


Pair this with any off the shoulder crop top, or tucked in T and you have the ultimate pin up outfit! This is actually a lifesaver for your wardrobe, so get a few.

Date Night Pin Up

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely keen on polka dots, BUT I really love this polka dot print bodycon dress from Zando. Bodycon dresses or Wiggle dresses are a stunning way to show off curves in the boardroom and when hitting the town. I love pairing my wiggle dresses with a simple string of pearls and earrings from Violet Vanilla Shop.


Get high-waisted 

Every 50’s inspired costume is either littered with polka dots and high-waisted pants that made Danny Zuko weak at the knees. I personally like a summer twist to the conventional high-waisted trend with a classic pair of high-waisted shorts. They’re cool, classic and still look sophisticated enough to brave to the office (I’m serious). H&M Surprisingly has an epic pair that I’m on my way to invest in, but my favourite pair of high-waisted jeans are still from good ol’ Jet.


There you have it, the perfect beginners guide to pin-up in the Summer time, or a fresh take on what you should be stocking this Spring.  Naturally, there are stores who stock Pin Up specific goodies, but there is a blog post in that all on its own.

I welcome commentary, so leave some here.

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Until next time.



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