Reviewing Romantic Bear Lip Stain

You’ve probably seen every beauty blogger and their aunt talking about these lip stains already, and for good reason too – they’re a riot. So, naturally I went ahead and tried it myself and here is the low-down on how that went.

Before I go any further, please don’t ask me where I got my Romantic Bear Lip Stain from, because I’m not going to tell you. Not because I want to be stingy about it, but because I really don’t recommend purchasing from this person – their service wasn’t very good at all (I’m being exceptionally polite about this too). But, I am against FOMO and have found another South African stockist who you can get yours from here or here.

It should be noted though that I haven’t used either of those stockists personally, so I’m not sure about their service either. 

Okay, moving along. I purchased three different colours and have tried them all, and must admit that I really like the end results. I have really sensitive skin, so I was worried that I’d have a breakout of mammoth proportions – I didn’t.


I am currently wearing the Sexy Red, which is really very close to the shade shown in this picture, but you can get it darker by applying another coat. I also received a lip balm with my order that I can’t use at all, it dried out my lips so much that I took it off within moments of applying it. Again though, that could just me my really sensitive skin being iffy.

You should know:

  • Instead of using the applicator tip, rather use an old lipstick brush for applying the lip stain, otherwise, you just make a mess.
  • Leave the lip stain on for 10 minutes so that it dries entirely, you’ll know its ready when you smile and it pulls away from the lips on its own.
  • Don’t rub your lips together, you don’t want the sticky mess that will follow.
  • Do moisturize once you take the waxy lip imprint off of your lips.

You can eat and drink and go crazy with this lip stain, it legitimately stays put. Mine lasts through three meals, countless litres of water and gym. It’s really that good!

If you have sensitive lips, avoid using this lip balm.

If you’ve used Romantic Bear Lip Stain, leave your thoughts below.

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Until next time.






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