Be selfish

Dear women,

Be selfish, you’re allowed to.

You are allowed to think only of yourself for a little while, because f*ck knows that you spend most of your time thinking of everyone else.

Be selfish with your time. You don’t have to give all 24 hours of your day to other and I swear that your kids will survive just fine without you around for an hour. I mean seriously, they’ll be fine if you leave some snacks around for them and adult supervision. You aren’t a bad mom for wanting some time out.


Be selfish with your money. You totally deserve to spend that R300 on a manicure for yourself. It isn’t a luxury to feel good about yourself and if pretty nails does that, then do it for yourself! You aren’t a snob for wanting to feel good.

Be selfish about your reasons. You are entitled to do something just for you. You don’t have to do anything for someone else. You don’t have to lose weight, cut your hair or dress anyway you want to because someone else will benefit from it. F*ck that, do it for you. It doesn’t make you a whore, hussy or prude to dress, act or look the way you want to.

Be selfish about who you spend time with. You can spend an excessive amount of time with the same people, different people or no people at all. You don’t even have to explain why you’re doing it either. It doesn’t make you a bad friend to want some variety.

Be selfish with your emotions. No one is allowed to make you feel anything that you don’t want to feel. Don’t let someone else dictate your happiness. It doesn’t make you unstable to want to be in control of how you feel.


You are allowed to think of yourself, do things for yourself, have your alone time and you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone when you do.

You absolutely have to stop thinking of yourself in the negative.

You have to. You are enough! You are worthy! You need to stop starting everything you do with “I am not”.

You are amazing, and you are worth it!
That is all!


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Until next time.





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