Keeping fit over the festive season

Okay, so how many people are Googling “secrets to staying slim in December”? Also, why are these all secrets? Man, clickbait is the worst, isn’t it? Keep reading to find out why…Yes, I know… I’m terribly amusing for doing that to you, but here you are and here we go. How you can effectively keep yourself fit over the festive season. The big secret is that there aren’t any secrets at all, in fact it is pretty damn simple. Don’t binge yourself of fruit cake, fizzy cocktails and those tiny chocolates that are all over the show this time of year.

Keep moving

You can be forgiven for wanting to do absolutely nothing while on holiday. I for one have already daydreamed about doing the indent my butt will be leaving on the patio furniture this December. But, that’s not likely to happen and a really bad idea. Laziness is lovely every now and then, but it is actually hazardous to your health. Research shows that when we get blood flowing every 30 to 60 minutes, we reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and a nasty case of the “can’t evens”. You know what I’m talking about, the can’t even bother going to wee stage of your holiday?


My suggestion:

We’re going to the coast, so I’ll be taking lots of beach walks with my boys. I also recommend finding a fun holiday activity that you’ll love doing, like learning to surf or taking up hiking. I don’t usually consider shopping as a sport, but in December when you’re getting last minute gifts in a crowded mall, this totally counts too.

Be a planner

Urgh, who wants to deal with plans on holiday anyway? Especially when they’re eating and exercise plans? Be real for a minute, calories don’t count during the holidays until they sneak up on you come January and you can’t fit into your pants. That’s when we bring out the resolutions and regrets. Unless, you skip future self-loathing and plan how to keep those weight-control intentions pure.


My suggestion:

Don’t toss aside the food trackers and activity levels, especially over the festive season. We all deserve a little spoil, but when your sneaky Cosmo and KitKat becomes an afternoon of day drinking and beach ice-cream binges, you’re going to have a bad time (well, you will the next morning). Keep track of your eating and of your activity levels so that you can enjoy a treat or two while on holiday without the guilt.

Indulge for an evening, not the whole season

It is really easy to get caught up in the festivities and before you know it, you’ve blown your bonus on boozy lunches and bigger clothes. I know, it’s happened to me before too. We feel like taking a “break” from being healthy for a season, which is the stupidest frikken thing I’ve ever heard (and done). Sure, have a really great time and enjoy yourself, but don’t take a break from health. Here is the thing though, your health isn’t taking a break from working, so you really shouldn’t.


My Suggestion:

Stay hydrated. Your brain is a tricky little bugger that will sometimes confuse thirst for hunger. Have a large glass of water before tucking into a meal and make sure you’re sipping of at least six to eight glasses of water each day.

You don’t have to take my advice though, but I would rather not regret my entire December holidays and neither should you. Just remember to be safe this festive season, drink lots of water and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Until next time.




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