Wedding bells vs. Dumbbells

Is there really a difference? Both is designed to make you stronger, right? If nothing else, wedding planning will put hair on your chest.If there is one thing I am totally comfortable with and that is walking into a new gym and heading straight for the free-weight section. This is where I feel safe, where I caress dumbbells like I want to take them home to meet my mother and where I am in charge. Wedding planning is a whole different beast.

You have to invite them…

Do you? Do you really though? I mean sure, they are technically family but when last did you have an actual conversation with these people? When last did you get a birthday call/card/gift/inheritance from them? This is the trickiest bloody part of this entire frikken exercise.

The guest list. 

Our dilemma isn’t that we don’t know who to invite, ours is that we’ve decided on a small, intimate (tiny and budget friendly) wedding. We don’t want heaps of people there who are really only in it for the buffet and thank you gift, am I right? But I also don’t want the drama of people feeling offended that they didn’t crack an invite, even if they haven’t ever met my fiance.

Too much broth, not enough cooks

Our wedding is a little while away, so we’re relatively chilled about things. That was until I realized that our wedding is less than a year away and we kind of, sort of have to plan things. I mean, a guest list isn’t the only part of matrimonial bliss, is it? There are things like contracts to be signed, wedding officials to be found, flowers to be plucked, thighs to be tucked and kidneys to be sold for a Pinterest worthy wedding – and that’s just for the kitchen tea (are these still done?).


I’m terrible at letting go of things to do and even worse at delegating, okay so that last one isn’t true but I do struggle to let go of the reigns a little. The problem with that is that everything is left until the last second and then I explode. Even worse than that is not having a plan to begin with. I’m quite possibly the worst wedding planner ever. So far I want a peachy/salmony/greeny/blue/carnival/vintage/but-not-to-carnival wedding in winter.

I know. I’m annoyed with myself.

You must sweat the small stuff

Apparently this shit is the most important part. It wasn’t until a few days ago that we realized we’d need to get rings for this little affair. What kind of engaged couple forgets that we need rings? Plus, apparently we have to get little thank you things for folks – because food, drinks and the pleasure of sharing in our massive life event isn’t enough. That’s a small thank you for joining us that costs a small fortune.


We have an idea for what we want to do, but finding all of the things we want without it being ridiculously expensive is almost impossible. Should we just Canva a whole heap of happy, smiley pictures of PC and I with Thank You tattooed on our knuckles? Actually, that’s a really frikken cool idea.

I might use that.

Seriously though…

In all fairness, planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, stressful and memorable. Otherwise, I just don’t see the point in doing it at all. I could hire someone to do it all for me, but I want to experience the highs and lows of creating the one day in my life that I’m supposed to be the happiest I’ll ever be.

I’m kidding, I know that isn’t the case.

But I do want to experience it all and I do want to share it with PC (who is incredibly hands on). Because this is only going to happen once in my life, I think I deserve to have that wedding that little Cashe would be proud of. Even though I can’t stand the thought of wearing a princess sparkle wedding gown with extra bows on the back now.

Was planning your wedding all you thought it would be? Did you want to kill someone? Was that someone your mother-in-law? Tell me in the comments below!

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Until next time…



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