The DIY bleach trick you’re dying for…

I put my hair on the line regularly, it’s for science though – and out of boredom. My latest escapades saw me going platinum blonde at home and then accidentally making my hair lilac.

I have pretty dry, damaged hair already and it really doesn’t help that I heat style my hair on a daily basis (and tease the shit out of it too). So when it came to getting my roots sorted out, I was really apprehensive. But, my hair looked awful and I had a tub of Anonamiss Beauty Emporium 30 Vol bleach lying around and a Friday to spare.

Not wanting to do more damage to my already hateful hair, I turned to the one thing that could save 2016, coconut oil. Here is how that went down:

Pour it over 2016

btyI started off by slathering my hair with the coconut goodness the night before, I mean really layer it on thick so that it really soaks into your hair. I wrapped my head with cling wrap and a scarf and went off to dreamland like a tropical biscuit (my last batch wasn’t odourless).

The next morning, I added some more because you never can be too careful with burning the crap out of your hair, right? I then had a bit of a nap, hunted down baby powder to soak up all the coconut oil that oozed onto my pillow while I slept and tweezed my eyebrows. They look nice again, my eyebrows – the pillows are still soaking up powder.

Here is what you’ll need to make this happen:


  • Bleach kit of your choice (although I seriously recommend Anonamiss)
  • Coconut oil
  • Gloves
  • Time
  • Not box dyed black hair
  • Cling Wrap
  • Tint bowl and brush (I only have the latter).
Winking does not make it sexy – trust me.

After about an hour of psyching myself up, I started mixing the bleach kit together. In the Anonamiss kit you get the bleach powder and 30 vol developer that is already perfectly measured for your convenience. So, I just mix the two together and form a lovely baby blue paste that is going to strip my hair of all it’s pigment.


I part my hair into quarters and pin each piece aside – I like making sure that I’ve got everything done properly. Starting off with the front of my head, I started applying the bleach directly over my coconut oil dunked hair. That’s the trick – apply bleach over the coconut oil to protect your hair.  Then, I went about my mom business for the next 30 minutes (I washed dishes and made Riley’s bed).

I absolutely got done up for this picture.


Bonus Tip: Do not leave the bleach on for longer than an hour. I’m serious, you’ll destroy your hair if you do.

Call it witchcraft or paleo wonderful, but it genuinely helped protect my hair from the damage caused by bleaching it. My freshly bleached roots are healthier than my scarily split ends and I’ve managed to accidentally make my hair a divine shade of lilac.

If you try this technique, remember that it is recommended for you to trust the professionals with your luscious locks. I only seriously recommend that hard-core DIY-ers give this a go.

That being said… go forth and blonde!

Until next time, I’m on social media here and here.




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