Vampire Diaries binging and moving on

I feel like the only way that I can adequately start this post is to tell you that I’m way late to the party. I only discovered the be-still-my-beating-heart teen drama late last year. A little perspective for you, the show first aired in 2009 – I have clothes older than this series.

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers.

It is the story of a human/doppelganger/vampire/obsession who falls in love with two broody 100 year old brothers and drama that surrounds her. It’s the kind of romance that every hot blooded teenage girl (and grown ass woman) can only dream of, complete with the constant fear of death. As is custom with these sparkling examples of vampy fiction, there is drama, turmoil and a conflicted human who would do anything for love. And I binge watched the hell out of the first 2 seasons.

Is this a Vampire Diaries review then? Perhaps it is, perhaps this is the retelling of a story that I’ve since lost interest in from a 31-year old’s point of view.
Do I recommend others watch it? Sure I do, it’s the perfect soap opera for millennials, complete with Day’s like Marlena-esque demonic possession (whoops, my age slipped through there).


When you first get into a series like Vampire Diaries, you start feeling things, unexplainable things. Like intrigue and addiction, then you start questioning your loyalty to the good guy and completely fall for the bad guy. You feel sorry for Elena and all the unfortunate events that plague her life and you (I) feverishly Google to make sure that your fave totes makes it out of the tomb alive – and this is just the first episode.

I’m going to level with you here, it didn’t take long for me to be totally obsessed with this damn show and the damn teenagers it is centered around. Those poor, little orphans and their love woes were addictive as hell and I am 100% sure that my highschool years were never this interesting. But let’s focus for a minute on the fact that there is literally one parent managing these kids and some half-assed “cool” aunt who is blissfully unaware that her nephew is a stoner and her niece is in love with an undead hottie (and possibly his hotter undead brother).


I feel for the Gilbert kids, I really do. I mean they’ve basically been thrust into a world of blood lust, ghosts and having everyone in Mystic Falls rush to Elena’s rescue every single day. Every damn day, this girl finds herself in the center of some supernatural disaster that her besties would literally die to save her from. I don’t know about you, but none of my highschool friends were that invested in me living. It makes me seriously wonder what exactly Elena is capable of doing? Other than having an entire teenage population of peeps die for her, turn into vampires/werewolves/hunters/witches/insert undead phenomena here and then die for her again.

Being her friend must be exhausting, never mind how dangerous it is forming an attachment to the girl.


Which brings me to her not one, but two bae’s (and I can say bae because I’m blogging about a teenage drama, yo.), the Salvatore brothers have been lusting after her and her original, Catherine, for decades. I mean sure, she’s pretty and all but can someone please tell me what flavour her blood is if it’s making every undead person either want to kill her or kiss her. But hey, who am I to judge who Elena attracts, right? I would have died to have an older guy crush on me when I was 17 too!

While we’re on the topic of crushing, how often are people threatening to violently end the life of someone when they don’t get their own way? This one dude who is older than time, Klaus, is always threatening ripping out organs and tearing apart everyone they’ve ever known.
Klaus, that is a lot of admin, bro – everyone I’ve ever met could take you a long time to hunt down, so that’s probably everyone in Mystic Falls if you’re killing Elena/Caroline/Salvatore babes/{insert any human teenager here}.


The thing though is that no one ever really, REALLY follows through on that with anyone who actually stays dead in this show. Everyone who dies comes back to life, or will in a spin-off series and I’m a little over it. PC got super into it with me and he’s already on season 4, but I’ve moved on.

There are also 8-seasons of this show, so folks are feeling it. I honestly don’t recommend that you watch this show if you’re looking for something with substance. Say what you want, but you can’t really take this seriously. I do recommend that you give it a bash though, it does have it’s moments and a shit ton of eye candy.

Oh, and for the die-hard fans who are about to use me in the blood moon sacrifice to break the curse or whatevs… obvs I liked it enough to binge on it. Don’t string me up and feed me to Silas!

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