Roller Skating isn’t just for the 70’s

Imagine the throbbing sounds of disco pulsing in the background. Knickerbockers and pigtails a plenty while the smell of fried foods lingering over the smell of sweat and aftershave. Gaggles of young people all gliding effortlessly across the smooth concrete while a mirror ball illuminates the night.

This is how I imagine it would have been to chuck on a pair of skates on a Friday night in the 70’s. I’m a very big fan of retro living and nostalgia, so I don’t know how I didn’t know about this sooner. I didn’t know that roller skating was still a thing you could do unless you were a Roller Derby babe. I have a few friends who are staunch Roller Derby participants who have all suggested that I give it a try too, but until recently I didn’t think much of it. That was until I put those size 5 skates on and hit the rink.


I really didn’t think that I’d be able to let go of the wall so imagine how surprised I was when I started to gather momentum. After a few runs around the rink, I definitely started to work up a sweat and I was loving it. My quads were working hard to keep me steady, while my core helped keep me upright. I’m proud to say that this combination kept me on my feet (although I almost fell twice when I wasn’t moving at all).

I really started getting into it and bravery took over, I found myself going faster around the rink than I thought I should and enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I was the cat who got the cream the entire time – you couldn’t get the smile off my face.

I’m basically a big kid and I love being active so it was the best combination for me. It also brought back a flood of memories of baby Cashe, skating up and down my granny’s driveway with a forgotten pair of skates. Let it be known that these skates were a size 6, I was a 10-year old with tiny feet.

sdrI was so persistent to learn how to skate that I shoved newspaper in the toes so that my tiny feet would fit. I knew no fear as I took to the concrete and practiced my little heart out. I imagined that I was a world class athlete, representing her country on a global stage. My imagination has never known any limits and I had balls of steel.

Isn’t it sad how quickly we forget to be fearless and persistent? My cautious carelessness was what got me hooked on skating all those years ago, and what got me so into it again last week.

Should you try it? Absolutely! It was the best workout that didn’t feel like a workout and RollEgoli is a fantastic arena to practice your skills.

Is it expensive? Not at all. For a fun filled 3 hour sesh on the rink, you pay roughly R 120 including your skates. They have tasty pizza for sale and sorbet to make you rethink your calorie intake for life. It’s perfect for cheat day without the guilt (because, cardio).

Where is it? It’s conveniently located on Main Road in Bryanston and if you manage to sneak in before schools close, you’ll have the place to yourself!


I’ve officially put an adorable pair of skates into my shopping bag on Mr Price Sport that will be mine just as soon as payday rolls around, January is a long month! Riley is super excited to try too, so I think I’ll take him soon as well! Who knows, perhaps there is a Roller Derby gal in me afterall?

Watch this space, but until then I’m on social media here and here.



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