Adult admin and crashing cars

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It’s been raining a lot lately, which is great for the drought we found ourselves in here in JHB, but not so great for the roads.  My first instinct as I felt my car slip out of my control was to reach my hand out to Riley. That meme became my reality in that moment when I realized there was nothing I could do but brace him for impact. My second instinct was that my insurance company was going to flip out because I smashed into the back of another car.

“Well, that’s something for the bucket list.” That’s genuinely the first thing that my shell-shocked son said after I smashed into the back of a bakkie at the beginning of February.  There I was on the side of the road, in the heart of peak hour traffic on a rainy afternoon, I had not one but two third party claimants circling for my details for their insurance companies.


I’ll always be thankful that everyone involved remained (relatively) calm. There is something unbelievably terrifying for a mother to be in a car accident with her child that I had previously never experienced. I’m a cautious driver and have been driving for longer than my 10 – year – old has been alive with very little incidents.

Now that my No Claim Bonus is gone and my poor baby is being stripped at a panel beater, I’ve started panicking about what my new premium is going to be.  I’m on a very strict budget, you don’t understand how important whey protein and makeup is to this girl. Kidding, naturally – I also pay school fees and adult in between. So, out of curiosity (and because I like a backup plan), I started shopping around for alternative cover that isn’t going to kill my bank balance. One of the definite pros for me when I stumbled across King Price was that you get discounted premiums for more than one vehicle. PC and I both have cars to insure, so I liked that you do get discounted rates for insuring everything in one place. Plus, that means less admin for me in the event of needing my insurance company’s help.

My car is named after a zombie, in hindsight that was probably a bad idea.

You know the admin I’m talking about, right? The adulting admin that moms typically get lugged with. So, if you aren’t worried that your child needs a body scan after a crash, you’re making sure that your insurance is up to date. That’s another thing that I was insanely impressed about, how little admin I’d have to deal with and how efficient King Price was at getting in touch with me. I’d literally pressed “submit” when I got a call from a professional and very friendly consultant. I can’t actually think of anything worse than having to speak to someone who hates their job while dealing with the grudge admin that is Car Insurance. If that wasn’t lovely enough, my premiums would decrease with King Price and the claims process is quick and easy. Another thing that I definitely needed after the month that I’ve had with my poor, little Lenore.

If you’re on the market for a new insurance policy that makes life easier for you, I’d suggest King Price. It’s almost like they have designed their products with possibly neurotic, busy moms in mind (and dads who admin too).

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